NG Models quality slipping – worries collectors

NMG’s L1011 in BA livery G-BGBB

First off you’re probably wondering why there have been no reviews in the past month. I’ve been at my home in San Francisco for quite a while and the weather has been amazing, I had some business here to attend to and gave a couple of talks, and I just didn’t really want to come back to the UK. Bad weather and Brexit is worse than good weather and Trump – just.

So having dragged myself back what do I find? Not one of the six models I ordered weeks and weeks ago have arrived. It seems AV400 especially, work on a JC Wings-like schedule of they make it when they make it. I’ve been told one at least won’t now be here until December. Phoenix and Gemini have had little of interest – I toyed with the idea of the Atlas Cargo with moving doors but you know, Gemini and moving parts have never been high on my list of reputable product lines. And £55 (US$77)? Really, for a 1:400? It just isn’t worth it to me.

So one thing that concerned us all was the lack of lacquer on the Virgin Atlantic 787-9 G-VZIG from NG a few weeks ago. Then they released the A333 G-VGEM which I’m still waiting for but have seen photos of. It looks like they haven’t learnt from the experience.

While in SF I did get to see an invite to see a readers collection over in Larkspur, which was generous of him. Understandably, like so many on social media, he wanted to stay anonymous and no photos – people get very worried over how others will view the way the keep their collections and don’ t like putting them on public view – and this was a BIG collection of some 6,000 models. So I couldn’t even write about that, but I appreciated the hospitality.

The original release was outstanding, the second it seems, not so much so.

Then I received a half dozen interesting private emails in the space of a week – again requesting anonymity, as they nearly always do. These were complaining about NG Model quality having deteriorated. All of them used pretty much similar wording – “it seems that the more they have to make the more the quality is dropping”. The bane of manufacturing success the world over!

And so it seems. Sadly most of the photos were unusable, either because the owners requested it or they just couldn’t show the particular fault well enough.

However the worst and the clearest ran across two recent releases. One was the second release Qantas 787-9 Bilaranji, the other the BA L1011 G-BGBB.

Now just baring in mind the cost of these models, at some £44 + (US$60) which we all mind less if the quality is there, when it isn’t, we have to say so and we have to say it loudly.

The essential problem is the same on both. They have not been allowed to dry before being packed in the foam cradle NG use. The result is that they have dried with the pattern from the cradle in the paint when delivered to the end user.

NG G-BGBB.jpeg

This is just the major visible complaint I can show you. Issues over blurred lines and poor engine rim paint have leapt up the list of moans, and that doesn’t auger well.

The same fault exists on the Qantas but the owners declined to permit use of their photos.

These are utterly unacceptable faults and an appalling lack of quality control. 

NG need to get to grips with this because as we all know, uneasy lies the head wears a crown, if it shows its true nature, for it’s all to easily removed, be it in product rankings or presidents.



8 thoughts on “NG Models quality slipping – worries collectors

  1. My NG BA L-1011 doesn’t have the paint smear you described. I must’ve got lucky. But even if it had that mark, I would still recommend it over the Gemini rushed version.

    1. It’s rare everyone gets a dud, but any dud is bad, and its not bee the way NG have behaved – but it’s been a constant concern that this would happen and who knows how long before they’re all suffering these issues if the do nothing about it!

  2. I just want to say that I noticed that when I got my NG B787-9 Virgin Atlantic, the box was missing the usual plastic under-tray that cradles the foam? Whether this is a cut back or a mistake like a missed one ,I am not sure but I will be ordering the NG Delta Tristar 500 and also glad I waited as I nearly went for the 200 version which I am not a big fan of. The 500 looks so much better and I have to say the BA Landor Tristar 500 I bought back in July was Exquisite!!! It was perfect and way better than any Aeroclassics attempts on Tristars as they are truly awful in my view! Hideous mould shape.I just hope the Delta 500 Tristar is as good as the 200 from the pics I have seen!

    Lastly is in’it amazing NG release a Virgin Atlantic A330-300 with now the correct looking red metallic paint that was missing from their B787-9 model ! Its a REAL shame that was not on the B787-9 talfin. Whether its the correct shade or not , I cannot fully tell from pics but it does look good and maybe a model of year award if so as that would be the first model as of the brilliant shade of white paint NG do for Virgin Atlantic that would be a complete fully perfect livery!! Though saying that I still prefer the Phoenix red paint shade choice even so it is in-accurate and Gemini jets choice of shade is actually more accurate or some would say ‘on the money’ ! Yes come on AV400 I have 3 A350-1000’s that should be here by now,well the Etihad and BA one for sure and by November the VirginAtlantic ! I really hope they are not going down the JCWings route of having to wait a year and a half since release date or pre-order date announcement! Its getting really bad with JCWings. You might as well wait to they release as you may never see the model you ordered! Just look at the B787-0 Etihad 1:200 scale they announce last November and still it has not arrived yet Inflight200 had there’s out by January,3 months from announcement pre-orders! Well Inflight200 are superior but JCWings at either scale there are so many they are behind with its unreal,why bother announcing models if you cannot deliver!!!


    1. Interestingly I saw 5 787-9’s lined up at T3 a few days ago (Virgin Atlantic) and two of them had a different shade of red on the tails – not by much but noticeable!

  3. As we are also talking of and about brand quality failures on this update, i would like to add one thing!

    I just wanted to add for readers/collectors logging in is,have you seen the Phoenix British Airways A350-1000 1:400 scale they have just released? Jeezzuussss that is one of the worst models of late i have seen released from Phoenix,its awful, even Gemini Jets last year attempt looks a masterpiece compared to that!! Truly bad,windows are too high positioned along the fuselage from doors,colours look wrong blue level paint is too high-up the fuselage and as bad of a job they did for the Etihad F1 B787-9 they released at 1:400 scale back in Febuary! Thankgod i did not have either those 2 on pre-order thinking it would be better than Inflight200 or AV400 version !

    Hedge my bets and waited till AV400 released the intention of providing a model! I only hope i placed my ‘bet right’ ! Seriously Phoenix is really doing alot of this ‘ hit & Miss ‘ these last few years,rush to market maybe? Who knows but colour research is major failure at times with them! Though in positive terms though their recent Etihad A350-1000 was not that bad,actually very good as i like the gold paint shade choice,again i hope i betted the right way as i choose AV400 over Phoenix for an A350-1000 in their livery! Fingers crossed as so far AV400 has not let me down.

    Regards all.

    1. I decided not to bother with the Phoenix in anticipation of its awfulness! I am told my order for the AV400 version won’t be here until December 18th if then!

  4. I am afraid Jon this is the problem with all these sellers now insisting upon pre-orders! You just do not know when your get them! JCWings think 2 years if your lucky at either scale,they release loads of intentions on pre-orders and still nothing shows thats why i do nothing with them unless its arrived!!

    If so that Av400 BA A350 will be 6months overdue from both of us expecting it in August! i have 3 so that meas the Virgin A350-1000 looking like 2020 then ? Popularity is certainly slowing down production and i hope not quality as it seem to be affecting NG of late from your view and others.I am bit concerned with placing a Delta Tristar order now frankly without seeing pics first as again releasing before able to deliver…..Though AMS have said 3 weeks,Airspotters are no-more going to stock NG?


  5. Hi!

    I actually don’t care about waiting so long for JCW. I waited a year for 2 models recently.

    I recently got an older NG which is fantastic and I was interested on buying more and newer NGs. Now I’ll be very aware.

    Panda is great. Producing nice models and stable releases. They produce and release few models but it’s ok. They’re my favorite brand.

    Best regards

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