Virgin Atlantic 1:50 A350-1000

Here’s an impromptu review of the 1:50 that was installed September 10 2019 at Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class Wing for the JFK inaugural flown by G-VLUX named Red Velvet.

The event included name appropriate cakes and a lot of very nice badges limited to just 350 copies!

The model is massive, cost around £30,000 and is made of resin.

The fuselage was installed in the stand and it took two men an hour to install the wings and engines.

The paint is outstanding on the fuselage- however and you might find this hard to believe- but I don’t having worked in marketing departments; they have little idea of realities – but the aubergine logo is too light. In fact even the Candy Apple Red isn’t quite where it should be.

And don’t ask about the engine fans – please don’t make me say it…..S I L V E R…..

If this had had input from Virgin engineering, they’d have told them what was wrong, but this was a marketing exercise and marketing managers aged 23 are ALWAYS right – even when proved otherwise.

The facts are nobody but me, possible you, really cares but all that money to get it wrong? Marketing departments all over the world are just the same!

Many thanks to Nicola and the Security Manager at the Virgin Upper Class Wing for taking the time and trouble to make the opportunity available to me. It’s things like this that set Virgin Atlantic apart from the others.

2 thoughts on “Virgin Atlantic 1:50 A350-1000

  1. Probably the most beautiful aircraft flying out of the UK today and now on!

    I think the Upper class must be better than the BA new Club as the tightwads at BA did not even put the outside cameras on the inflight entertainment package like the Arabic & Aian airlines do ! I hope Virgin has!! ??? Both Premium Economy seats/pacakage deals look good,a real new market battle segment.

    Some Youtube videos have already shown some worrying issues with the quality of the new BA suites.Cheap plastics,poor sills/ad-joins from seat to cabin-wall on the window-seats and whethering issues on the fabrics used. Not a good start! Though MILES better than whats available on the other aircraft in that class.

    Umm,reminds me of those ‘resin models’ that were available back in 1995/6 at the BA shop in Regent street! I was a teenager then, only could afford the Wooster models but have always tried to find out who made those premium models they had on stands in the shop as they felt like fibreglass/paper mache,probably an early version of resin? I know they were like £250 for a B747 at 1:200 scale back then! Always wanted one but never got the chance.Maybe Pacim was the maker? I do not know even if the BA store still exists up there? I know when i and my mates use to hang around alot up there in the 90’s it was posh and up-market looking,.now it looks a dump frankly,no way near as nice as it use to look! Many others i speak too say the same, its lots its character ! Its like Selfridges,lovely shop it was, now a franchise dump.Real shame it really did feel special when you went there,not anymore and thats saying for the whole area actually.

    I am sure with the end of the A380 coming and interest in replacing B777-300er’s with a slightly bigger but not as big in passenger number terms of an A380 but also a B777-9x or 10x competitor,the A350-2000 or as i like to call it the the A350-SL or SS for Super-size or Super-Long will come along? I wonder if Virgin would add some of them to its fleet for certain routes if growth continues….! That will be a monster size and Virgin do like them big! Even bigger than the B777-9x at say 260ft long with i assume a bigger new wing and maybe 2 engine option choice of a GE 9X engine renamed and worked for it or the RR-Ultrafan that has been reported could have an even bigger fan than the GE 9X which would make it the biggest powerplant in the world title from GE!

    Also the B787-Super 11? I Have heard this mentioned on forums,wheher it will ever happen ,who knows but i am sure Boeing could still add a few frames for a future bigger version if the market demanded it and showed willing interest in acquiring that aircraft! Asia would be the main market to push for it i assume? I do not think Virgin Atlantic would be interested in it though! Maybe a bigger A350 depending on market demand!

    Besides that the A330-900 Neo was a shock for some but not me as the engines are working fine on that aircraft and the B787 -RR’s have been a real headache for many operators! Bringing back old flying stock from retirement,hiring other airlines is not good for any airline as that customer does not get what he or she paid for or wanted and is a possible a lost customer in the future because of it! Though additional COSTS to Virgin for all this RR-trent 1000 package faults and still continuing apparently with other airlines like Norwegian after reading the fault is still happening must have been a real turn-off for the future!

    I assume the RR -engine fiasco is what really made Virgin go for the A330Neo as Virgin has been pleased by the performance and operation ability of the current model! Also i feel the A330 NEO is a superb looking aircraft too and costs more! So virgin has a very mixed expensive modern fleet going forward into the 2020’s! As a customer it makes you feel they want the best not just for them as an airline but as you their customer.


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