Aircraft Maintenance Scaffolding Gemini Jets 1:400 GJAMS1828 2018/19

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With the release of the hideously over priced Gemini ‘new’ terminal – came a number of new diorama accessories from JC Wings and this rather unexpected item from Gemini themselves.

If I needed JC Wings air bridges I would have bought them, but with the current diorama they serve no purpose. However, as I have two Herpa hangars, one in 1:400 – which is massive, and the same version in 1:500 (which takes everything except an A380 in 1:400), this seemed like an amusing if rather expensive (£38 US$48.50) item to include.

Illuminating the hangars is too difficult because of the way they go together, in 15 parts, so that you can make it smaller if needed. You could glue them but that takes away their flexibility and they’re not made anymore, so are of too much intrinsic value to mess around with, never mind irreplaceable.

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Simple enough guide to follow

The scaffolding is ideal in the scenario that you either have the vast hangars with the doors shut and therefore they’re nothing more than a decorative item, or with doors open and aircraft inside.

The vast 1:400 measures the equivalent in the real world of  122m (366ft approx) wide and has a footprint of 10,980Msq (118,188ftsq). you could easily get two of these kits inside one hangar, and still have room left over.

I utilised the same model type Gemini used, a 789, to see how it fitted.

So this is what it does fit: 767, 787’s, 777’s, 748i & F, A330, A340, A350, MD-10/11, L-1011. Anything smaller doesn’t look right, and the 744 tail is too high on all of the Gemini/JCW moulds to fit the rear section, but the arch over fits fine. Nothing fits the A380, it’s just too big.

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Quality wise it’s not too bad. There are a couple of small flashing issues and a slightly bent mould in one place, but they’re quite minor.

I know they don’t produce these in huge numbers, but the price tag is way past manufacturing cost, duty and tax. I’d like another one, but not at this price.

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Colour – well that’s a big one. I’ve been in several aircraft hangars from Concorde when it was still in service, to BA 742’s and Lufthansa Technik and never seen this yellow. However it does stand out and looks OK on the diorama, and that I suppose is what counts.

If you have a diorama of a good size, you’re one of relatively few percentage wise, if you have a diorama and enough space to have big hangars with enough room for scaffolding, you’re even rarer. I’d buy one anyone just in case you ever have the opportunity. This stuff is never around for long.

Specification: six piece set comprising 1 nose section, 1 amidships arch, 1 port & 1 starboard wing-fuselage section, 1 port & 1 starboard tail section.

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