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IMG_0190.jpgAn update on the future direction of 1400Reviews. This is a very personal blog for me, as it’s one of my primary interests (five in total count as primary). There is an inevitability to the airline business that needs to be addressed or there is simply going to be nothing I want to review.

We are faced with an unprecedented consolidation of aircraft types. Even with Russian and Chinese wide/and or narrow bodies, almost nobody wants to make them and in the west few want to buy them as they have little relevance to us.

Airbus has just the A220, A320, A330, and A350 and Boeing the 737, 787, 777F, 773 for a short period now, and soon the 777-X. In effect the aviation world is reduced to just 8 aircraft types with variants. The uniformity of liveries is becoming tedious, as airlines press to make things work on the digital platforms that drive their business, caring less and less for what the aircraft look like because let’s face it, 90% or more of the travelling public never even notice and paint costs money.

Liveries matter, but they don’t matter that much now, other than in direct corporate branding terms. It’s what you look like online, in-app and on social media that matters to the vast majority. Couple that to the inevitable and relentless consolidation that isn’t going to stop any time soon, and we’re on the way to a sharply less interesting model and livery world.

So there is only one way to go – into the past. As a doctor of history I have no problem with this in and of itself. There are dozens of aircraft types I’ve never reviewed, liveries I’ve never bought and aviation in the jet age pretty much spans my life time, so there is plenty of scope! So, in time, there will be more, older types and liveries on the cards, but not to the exception of all modern aircraft.

It gives me a chance to learn a new aspect of the hobby, do interesting background research and bring to life a bygone age. I hope you’ll join me.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Jon Champs

3 thoughts on “An update on the future direction of

  1. Hey Jon!
    I’ve a problem, new models are more boring… Repetitive. My lastest models aren’t new ones. Some yes, bot not all. And there are many interesting liveries you will like on the older years such as 2017 or 2016! (I know it’s not that old…) I recommend you special liveries and airlines you don’t have and they are rare to find, also models you want, As I do right now with my small but lovely and diverse 1:400 collection and also on my little airport. Also, classic liveries are nice, JCW recently released some MD-11… But is really nice to see other type of models to this blog! And interested on reading them!

    Thanks for always be reviewing models, All the detail and passion you put in every review! Waiting for your Aviation400 A350, mine is… don’t want to say any spoiler!

    Best regards from Spain,


  2. I agree with you Jon.

    At the rate modern (fuselage) liveries have been going, we’re better off just collecting tail fins! Very dull.

    Till then, keep writing. Always a delight to read.

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