Delta Airlines 747-400 N670US Gemini Jets 1:400 GJDAL1450 2015


Originally delivered to Northwest on 31st August 1990, this 747-451 is due to exit service be October this year (2017). Only 7 remain operational at the time of writing. Few 744’s were sold to US airlines in general, and their passing, along with those of United will be the end of an era.


The 744’s have been used on a mixed route profile, but now they’re winding down, all based out of Detroit, they’re supporting the North Pacific routes such as Seoul (South Korea), and Tokyo, Japan, via Honolulu, Hawaii. Osaka, and Shanghai are also in their route profile.

Fitted with 48 business, 42 Comfort+, and 286 economy, the Pratt & Witney 4056’s power them across the Pacific Ocean. The last time I saw a Delta 744 was through cloud coming into Amsterdam Schipol in September 2015.

The model is a late 2015 example, genuinely new and unboxed from an impeccable source – and just £31 ($40US)- Gemini now charge up to £55 ($70US), for one of these 744’s new, which is ludicrous.

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The best of the 744 moulds it has always been, of that there is no doubt. At this point in 2015, JCW/Gemini were producing some amazingly good 744 models – their Etihad Cargo won Model of The Year.

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This one does have some minor issues. The blue belly paint is fine until it reaches the white when a lack of definition – rather than all out hands-free wobbling, is noticeable – but it’s not terrible, and it’s worse down the down the port side.

Technical print, in the doors/windows is outstanding. To add to the perception of reasonable quality, the upper aerial (forward) and the two lower aerials are well made and seated into position.

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There is a slight incongruity however with the domes. The real thing has a hefty dome on the roof, and this is brilliantly represented here, superbly made and fitted. There are two smaller ones in front of it, but these are simply black outlined on the model.

2.Wings and landing gear

The entire cradle on this model is excellent, so seamless you’d barely know it was there. The wings are a little bit over painted, but not drastically so. You can still see the detail, which matters.

1400Reviews-DELTA-744-N670US-Gemini-CpywrtJonChamps2017 3.jpg

The landing gear is the modern, flexible spring-loaded type we’ve long come to expect on the 744. All the tyres are good and the wheels all rotate. However some of the seals and outer casings don’t fit well and when ‘airborne’ the gear seems to be all over the place.

1400Reviews-DELTA-744-N670US-Gemini-CpywrtJonChamps2017 7.jpg


All four are superb, well fitted, excellent paint and outstanding colours.

1400Reviews-DELTA-744-N670US-Gemini-CpywrtJonChamps2017 8.jpg

4.Nose detail

Outstanding, high quality, high-definition and fault free.

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5.Tail detail

Faultless, a first class example of how good things can be when they try.

1400Reviews-DELTA-744-N670US-Gemini-CpywrtJonChamps2017 9.jpg


Faultless. When do they ever make too much of a mistake on Delta? Actually I can answer that question, lest just say MD-90!

1400Reviews-DELTA-744-N670US-Gemini-CpywrtJonChamps2017 4.jpg

7.Score and conclusion

  • -3 for less than perfect definition on the blue/white transition
  • -5 for the rather imperfect landing gear
  • 92% is a great score.

Yes it’s another really good 744 from Gemini, but would you pay £54 for it? That didn’t happen here so to me it’s well worth its price. It’s a lovely model, not perfect, but more than acceptable. What I can never understand is why Gemini and their makers, JCW, can’t manage this every time on every model?

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