Edelweiss A340-300 HB-JMG Phoenix 11325 Dec 2016


There was a certain inevitability on this one being produced quite quickly, having been transferred from Swiss International to subsidiary Edelweiss, in October 2016. In the space of a few months we’ve gone from one 12-year-old Edelweiss A332 model, no longer in service, made back in 2008 to an A320, A333, and an A343 all made in the last few months.


The reason of course, has been the knock-on effect of Swiss getting its new 773ER’s, replacing the A343’s – most will be scrapped – but three HB-JME, JMF and this one JMG, will soldier on a for a few more years yet, flying passengers to long and medium haul destinations in Europe, Asia and North America. Edelweiss is a sort of hybrid charter-scheduled operator that covers the Tui/Jet2/Air Europa/Eurowings type of market.

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Because you can find out most of the details around the airlines history through the other reviews, should you choose to do so, I won’t repeat them here.

This aircraft used to carry  an F8, C47, Y164 configuration as Swiss but is now fitted with C27, W76, Y211. 


Phoenix seem to have upgraded all of their production now to this new level of high-definition print. In the past it was reserved for models like the 787, but we seem to be seeing those standards applied right across the range now.

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Once again, Phoenix have created a superbly printed fuselage, with all the technical detail produced to high standards of detailed thoroughness. The upper aerials are all exceptionally neat and properly painted, the moulded dome is white and in an area that spreads into red – yet you would never know, there’s no bleed or paint issue even hinted at. The lower aerial is white – as it is on the real thing.

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The large lower case ‘edelweiss‘ logo is superbly printed, and very neat, windows, doors, the edelweiss flower, just perfect.

2.Wings and landing gear

Superbly fitted wings – really; an almost seamless level of exactitude. Still over-glossed, still swamping the underlying detail, but the over-printed detail is fine, and the central grey panel is correct.

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Underneath of course, you can guess, I could almost copy and paste the words I’ve said it so often – over glossed, and detail free – in fact I feel like using an acronym for it it’s so common place. How does OVGLODEF sound? OVer GLOssed DEtail Free. You probably think I’m being serious.

One high point is the wing tip sharklets, superbly printed flower graphic on a red background.

Landing gear is remarkably good – the doors are OK for once and the hydraulics an excellent light-touch silver. All the wheels rotate and are well fitted.

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4x CFMI CFM56-5C4/P’s power this 2003 build aircraft – she was one of the last 10 built.

All four engines are exceptionally neat, rims are excellent, fan colours are a correct titanium and best of all, the rear fans and rims are also very good!  The under-engine detail is superb, there is little that’s visible on the nacelles to be printed on, they’re largely plain white.

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4.Nose detail

Window detail is excellent, the roof nose detail, first class, as little else is visible because of the dominant red. First-rate all round.

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5.Tail detail

Superbly done, everything is where it should be and faultlessly assembled. Paint is a little too thick on all three stabilizers, but no faults at all.

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Faultless. Another superb job from Phoenix.


7.Score and conclusion

There are no minus points. 100%.  It seems extraordinary, but again, Phoenix have built a fault free model with excellent detail.   All three of the recent Edelweiss models have been pretty much perfect.

It is a truly quality model, it looks excellent from every angle and, most important of all, I’m delighted with it. It pleases me, it’s worth every penny because of that.

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That brings me to the paint thickness issue. You could argue that it was a fault. My point with this is, it’s the standard they build them to, and what they see and think is necessary to deliver their ideal of quality. There is no fault in the paint, in the quality of the paint or the finish. It’s my opinion that it’s over glossed and too thick, but that doesn’t make it a fault.

When the engine rims are looking like they’re blistered because the paint hasn’t been applied right, that’s a fault.

So for those who have mentioned to me that I don’t mark it as a fault when paint is too thick, that’s why, and that applies to all brands and all models. I try to be as consistent in scoring as possible to maintain  level playing field.

My recommendation: This is well worth its price, and a definite buy.

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