SF Airlines 767-338ERBCF B-7593 Phoenix 11259 June 2016


ShunFeng Airlines, part of the SF Express Group Company, based out of Bao’an International, Shenzen in the Guangdong region of southern China, is a relatively new entrant into the freight industry. Operating only from 2010, and not able to fly international routes until late 2011, yet it already operates 30 aircraft, though most are short-medium haul 757F & 737F variants.


This aircraft delivered on 6th January 2016, is the first of a number to be converted by Boeing to the BCF (Boeing Converted Freighter) programme specification.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.24.51 PM.png

You can find extensive details of the 767 BCF platform on this link:

Boeing 767-300BCF Medium-Widebody Conversion Specification

The aircraft in question was withdrawn from use on December 27th 2014 having previously served Qantas as VH-OGT, and named Maroochydore. She was stored at Alice Springs in central Australia, then Paya Lebar in Singapore where she was converted over seven months during June-Dec 2015. 

The cargo conversion is expected to extend her life to 40 years, meaning she’ll still be in service to the end of the 2030’s!

What strikes me about this is the stunning livery, I absolutely love it. It makes a bland looking 767 amazing. It’s so dramatic it looks like it should belong to a Bond villain and it’s gone straight in as “best cargo livery”  in my ever-growing freighter collection, that has, sad to say, already outgrown its new home.

1400Reviews-767-338ERBCF-B-7593-SFAirlines-Phoenix-CpywrtJonChamps2017 2.jpg


Phoenix do a very good 767 in my opinion. It’s a simple, classic aircraft design that just works, and I prefer it to the Gemini one, the nose just looks better and the cockpit proportions look just that tiny bit more accurate.

1400Reviews-767-338ERBCF-B-7593-SFAirlines-Phoenix-CpywrtJonChamps2017 7.jpg

The paint/print on this is simply superb. It’s a surprisingly complex set of black, red, white, grey and silver lines and patterns that create the startling livery over the tail. I cannot emphasise enough how beautifully done it is, I’m actually amazed how well Phoenix have managed it. This sort of complex livery they’ve dropped the ball on so many times before, when they’ve been far simpler. This is a real gem.

The aerials are smartly placed and accurate, the third small one at the rear is amazingly neat for something so tiny. The aerial below is also accurately placed and coloured red.

Cargo doors, passenger doors and corporate logos are superb.

1400Reviews-767-338ERBCF-B-7593-SFAirlines-Phoenix-CpywrtJonChamps2017 8.jpg

2) Wings and landing gear

Another excellent job on the wings, though as ever the lighter grey is way too glossy. The precision and contrast to the silver-matt centre panels is outstanding.  Not only that but they are fixed in to their slot mounts seamlessly.  The underneath mirrors the upper surfaces.

Landing gear is first-rate; one tiny thing I almost missed – the forward left wheel on the port side is slightly different to all of the others, but they all roll and only one tyre has a small lump. The nose gear is excellent.

1400Reviews-767-338ERBCF-B-7593-SFAirlines-Phoenix-CpywrtJonChamps2017 12.jpg


The refurbished GE CF6-80C2B6’s are excellent for their detail – titanium blades on the fans and the rim silver are to a high standard, but even here you can see it doesn’t sit perfectly on the black gloss beneath, though it’s a lot better than on some we’ve seen lately!

1400Reviews-767-338ERBCF-B-7593-SFAirlines-Phoenix-CpywrtJonChamps2017 3.jpg

4)Nose detail

Problem free and superbly finished it’s especially noticeable under the nose where the thin multiple black lines are a triumph of fine print mixed with nose gear door markings.

1400Reviews-767-338ERBCF-B-7593-SFAirlines-Phoenix-CpywrtJonChamps2017 10.jpg

5) Tail detail

Superb. Genuinely quite excellent.

1400Reviews-767-338ERBCF-B-7593-SFAirlines-Phoenix-CpywrtJonChamps2017 11.jpg

6) Colours

More complex than it looks, I count 4 types of grey to silver, black, an unsual pinky-red that’s been replicated really well, and the white base coat. Possibly the best paint job Phoenix have produced in over a year. Outstanding.

1400Reviews-767-338ERBCF-B-7593-SFAirlines-Phoenix-CpywrtJonChamps2017 9.jpg

7) Score and conclusions

  • No deductions.
  • 100% score

Why? Nothing that stands out to the naked eye can denigrate this model. A tiny handful of very close up issues, visible on flash and high zoom, but absolutely nothing of any significance.

So we have our first 100% score model of the year. 6 full months it’s taken. And it’s a Phoenix. Who’d have thought?  But it is that good, really it is. The quality of it sings out just having it in front of me, it looks and feels the cats’ whiskers as my gran would have said.

1400Reviews-767-338ERBCF-B-7593-SFAirlines-Phoenix-CpywrtJonChamps2017 5.jpg

Nothing pleases me more than a little bit of perfection now and again. And here it is. If you didn’t buy one of these, you should be regretting your decision. It’s rare for me not only to like the livery this much, but that it’s that good a model and I like the livery this much, well that’s a rare day indeed.

Congratulations Phoenix, you’re back, at least this time. And this one is straight up there as a potential Model Of The Year 2016.

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