1400reviews.com 2nd Birthday – The top posts and photos 2015-16

I never expected this to be where it is today, the blogs Second Birthday. It’s here because of you, and for that you have my eternal gratitude. Readers make it worthwhile. Not only that, but readers who more often than I ever imagined, queitly send a private message on twitter, on facebook, or email, and tell me they’ve either lerned something, been encouraged to get involved in the hobby or just been plain inspired to do something different because of what they read here. Making a difference, however small, is a rewarding byproduct of writing these reviews.

1400Reviews-Qantas-744-VH-OEB-Gemini-CpywrtJonChamps2016 (1)
N0.10 in the downloads charts

I’ve tried to elaborate a little more, add a little more associated detail. At the same time I don’t want to bore you either! It’s a hard balance to achieve, and it’s the stats that reveal what works and what doesn’t.

1400Reviews-FutureArticle-CpywrtJonChamps2016 (5)
No.9 In the downloads

Well soemthing must be right because so far there hasn’t been one month where there hasn’t been at least an 8% rise in readership. In December it jumped 32% over the record November, and has grown an average of 12% every month since. At the end of April – 33% through the year, readership was already at 57% of 2015. If it stays likethat we will have grown by 60% again at years end. It’s getting to the point where there are now more readers some days than in all of 2014.

1400Reviews-Monarch-A320-G-ZBAA-Gemini-CpywrtJonChamps2016 8
No.8 – it looks like nobody could beleieve how many colours Gemini and Phoenix could manage for Monarch, from luminescent orange to custard creme.

The figures aren’t massive for a blog in general; many are vastly larger. Yet they are astonishing for a blog with just one core hobby as it’s specialism.  It often overwhelms me and I’ve stopped worrying about ups and downs. As long as you’re happy reading it that’s fine by me.

1400Reviews-SingaporeAirllines-A380-9V-SKI-50years-Phoenix-CpywrtJonChamps2016 13
No.7 – very popular with Singapore and SE Asian readers!

When you stick your head above the trench, you’re going to get shot at. I do, often. But like Jon Snow, I just get back up again. Internet trolls are a fact of life, and like any sub-species parasite, they only grow when fed. Ignored, they soon drop off and die.

1400Reviews-Lufthansa-D-ABYT-748retro-GeminiJets-CpywrtJonChamps2016 12
No.6 – This photo was very popular in the US and Germany

I’ve had to make a few changes. Giving companies like Gemini and Phoenix free promotion by publishing what they’ve just released  was a waste of time. That news gets flashed around the forums and Facebook at warp speed, multiple times so there’s no point in replicating it here. I’ve also tried to ensure links and subjects are more closely aligned to the previous approrpiate reviews, but thats often down to the underlying WordPress framework.

1400Reviews-AirFrance-F-GSQI-777-300ER-Phoenix-CpywrtJonChamps2016 9
No. 5 – surprised me this was so popular

It’s a constantly developing format. I aim to be completely objective, see it and say it as it is. If it’s great I’m delighted, and happy to sing the praises of any model; if it’s a pile of unadulterated crap, then that will be said too.

Photography is an imporatnt part of this and I’m always looking for new ideas and new sets – backgrounds are usually real sky, open window, I only use Aperture to remove the stands and finish the backgrounds. Ever wonder at weather in the UK? Just look at some of the backgrounds for an idea. It’s all real!

1400ReviewsCargolux748FVCJPhnxJonChamps 1 (1)
No.4 – In flight, the 1:400 version is elegance personified. I may have taken a few liberties with the editing, something I rarely do


  • 51% of all rererrals are from search engines (though most searches (93%) were encrypted)
  • 15% from Facebook
  • 6% from twitter
  • 9% from forums (mostly Wings900).
  •  19% from mixed media ranging from YouTube to Linkedin, Pintrest, Instagram and other blogs/sites.


137,982 – an increase of over 332% since the same time last year.

56% of those were from saved web browser links and that percentage keeps growing, it means people have kept the blog in their favourites bar!

1400ReviewsVietnam789VNA861JonChamps 1
No.3 Most downloaded


This is about exposure. The longer it’s posted more people read it. So the less time it takes to get to the top, vastly more people have read it, over a shorter period of months, weeks or days. Each visitor reads an average of 3.29 articles per visit.

  1. Gemini Jets v. Phoenix The Comparison 787-9 Virgin Atlantic G-VNEW was still the most read article after 15 months in the top spot!
  2. Gemini v. Phoenix Vietnam Airlines 787-9 A350-900 VN-A886 Comparison came second. It also got the most private messages, most of you just couldn’t believe how different – and inaccurate – the models were.
  3. Manufacturer of The Year 2015 – this was the third rated article and attracted the most hits ever in one day, three days running.
  4. Model of The Year 2015 – pipped at the post by a few reads by No 3, but still had record views in just 4 days, an awesome response from you as readers!
  5. British Airways 787-9 G-ZBKA Phoenix -that was one horrible model and no mistake
  6. Delta Groove illuminated runway. Many sold as a result. I love mine!
  7. Lufthansa 747-8i D-ABYT Retro Livery Gemini Jets – this shot up to 6th in just 4 months, holds the record for First Day Views for a single model review.
  8. Swiss Bombardier CS100 C-GWXZ TV5 Herpa 1:400 – fast heading to this years No.1 spot, prooving how many of you want to see these made in more liveries!
  9. Air France 777-300ER F-GSQI ‘JonOne’ by Phoenix – surprised me how much you liked this one.
  10. Who makes the best 1:400 A380 – a constant favoirte!
IMGP8394 - Version 2
No.2 Most downloaded: Two different ways of doing the same thing again, but Phoenix wins the wing war hands down, for accuracy and the superb wingtip, which having seen the real thing myself is vastly superior to the Gemini


  1. United States 38%
  2. United Kingdom 23%
  3. Canada 8%
  4. Hong Kong 4.5%
  5. Germany 4.4%
  6. Singapore 4.3%
  7. Netherlands 4.1%
  8. Australia 4%
  9. Ireland 3.2%
  10. Taiwan 2.9%
  11. Rest of the world:3.6% (131 different countries not includng the 10 above)
IMGP6156 - Version 2
No.1 in 2015-16 The number 2 most downloaded photo of 2014-15!

So once again, thank you. For making this all so successful, worthwhile and enjoyable.

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Here’s to year 3!