Air Greenland A330-200 OY-GRN Aeroclassics ACOYGRN 2013

I can hardly believe I’ve had this for nearly three years and never reviewed it. While we wait for three new models to arrive today (and I now don’t have time to review until Monday), I thought it worth having a look at this.

It’s also an opportunity to experiment with a different camera too, one which will require a lot of practice, so if there is an off-edge to the photography, there’s a lot to learn and I apologise in advance!

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A vague effort at attempting an Arctic white-out!

Air Greenland is a a very small airline and this is is by far it’s only large aircraft, the other 8 being Dash-8’s used locally. Based at Kangerlussaq in western Greenland (a semi-autonomous region of Denmark, and not in the European Union), the now nearly 18 year old A330-223 runs back and forth in the more clement months to Copenhagen. I have to say there is a bit of me that really wants to do this, somewhere truly different.

Aeroclassics A330 mould is very neat, possibly the most accurate and certainly it’s one of the best looking in terms of fit and finish. It’s the usual thing with AC though, something that never changes. Colour accuracy and landing gear quality.


It’s a first class mould, and the fuselage is reasonably detailed and painted, others will tell you its full of errors and it is, but they don’t look shoddy! The bottom of the ‘g’ looks to be missing but this is actually accurate, it’s part of the logo design.

This model was also made by Phoenix later in the year, their model had aerials, and Herpa also made it in 1:500.

1400Reviews-AirGrnlnd-A332-OY-GRN-Aeroclassics-CpyWrtJonChamps 2

2)Wings and landing gear

The wings are excellent and superbly fitted, the correct paint colour and details are good. The landing gear is generally OK, but the quality of the wheels and their fitting is abysmal. All four sets have come off their bogies at some stage and one set did so as I was taking these photos. That’s now the last set from the Asiana A333 that’s gone on there to replace them.

1400Reviews-AirGrnlnd-A332-OY-GRN-Aeroclassics-CpyWrtJonChamps 7


Overall these are good, it’s the inner rims that are a tad rough, but nothing overly detrimental from an eyeball perspective. The silver is a bit bright, but there we go. It is what it is and it’s not the end of the world.It’s three years old and too late to complain about it now.

1400Reviews-AirGrnlnd-A332-OY-GRN-Aeroclassics-CpyWrtJonChamps 5

4)Nose detail

Crisp and clean and nicely done. Perfectly reasonable.

1400Reviews-AirGrnlnd-A332-OY-GRN-Aeroclassics-CpyWrtJonChamps 4

5)Tail detail

With the dots representing the star patterns visible from that far north, it’s striking and different. Nicely assembled and complaint free.

1400Reviews-AirGrnlnd-A332-OY-GRN-Aeroclassics-CpyWrtJonChamps 6


Not wildly wrong, out by a shade or two, largely on the darker side leaning towards the pink rather than the red. Phoenix did no better. The nice thing is that this aircraft is a full colour livery, and that always makes for a positive difference.

7)Score and conclusions

-8 for the landing gear wheels, endlessly troublesome. -10 for the colour fail. Now while that gives you 82%, if I didn’t have one I’d happily pay money for it. It’s still a nice model despite it’s typical AC flaws, and it adds lustre and variety to any diorama set up.

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Next week: JC Wings EVA Air New Livery 773, Phoenix Oman Air 788, JC Wings Eurowings A330…. 

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