I never buy these types, of what I consider, to be very ordinary models when new. Prices can be astronomical for old moulds and simple detail and they just don’t seems worth the money, no matter how good. However with closing down, they offered them out a heavily discounted price, so I felt I should go for it. £18 ($27.50US) against a list price of $41.95 seemed a much better deal.

Fedex is a a huge airline in its own right, or more correctly the extremely odd sounding FedEx Express. Federal Express Express? What sort of marketing idiot came up with that one? Apparently by shortening the name to FedEx over the years customers had lost sight of the fact that the ‘Ex’ meant express, so rather than loose the Fedex name – often used as a verb –  they added the full word back in. That was the best they could come up with. Customers are apparently that stupid.

1400ReviewsFD767-N102FEGem-CpyWrtJonChamps 1

This is one of those aircraft that’s keeping the 767 going for a few years longer. Only freighters are built now and not many of them per month but orders stretch out to 2023, with FedEx having recently created a backlog of 100 and EVA Air Cargo adding five more. FedEx is busily restructuring its staff, it’s aircraft retirements have been accelerated and it needs new and more flexible aircraft to meet demand and make economic sense.  The MD10’s, MD11’s and A300’s are all for the chop as soon as is viable.

Gemini did produce N101FE in late 2013 I think it was, as GJ1348 and it still shows as available on their website.

Other than an MD-11F if one becomes available, I’m not likely to add more Fedex to RLSI; it already has an ATR-42F and a 777F. UPS and Cargolux are preferred with the occasional random model as and when I see them. To be fair there’s been a huge increase in cargo at RLSI and the next layout change planned for November-December will have to take account of this – somehow! With three more on order it’s going to have to.

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1) Fuselage

If Gemini hadn’t perfected the 767 after all these years they may as well not bother. It’s a remarkably simple aircraft, in many ways the cleanest, simplest example of the 20th century’s design technology. It doesn’t get more basic.

The print and detail are all very good, not excellent as there is a small loss of definition in places, but that’s being picky. Compared to the latest junk from Phoenix this is miles ahead of the pack. The small detail is clear and precise, even the aircraft name, Kara is clearly visible.

Two antennae up top are perfectly fitted and problem free, the rear underbody one is also perfect.

2)Wings and landing gear

One of the best cradle fits I’ve seen, as tight as it’s ever going to get. The wings are neat, not over-painted and problem free.

1400ReviewsFD767-N102FEGem-CpyWrtJonChamps 3

Landing gear is excellent, fully rolling rubber tyres on wheels, rigid bogies, but that’s not a complaint. Doors and hydraulics are excellent for the size.

Nose gear detail and overall standards are first class.

1400ReviewsFD767-N102FEGem-CpyWrtJonChamps 2

3) Engines

A pair of GE CF6-80C2B6F’s power these aircraft and they are exceptionally neat and well printed. The photo shows a small amount of white spotting but you can’t see that with the naked eye. The silver on the fans and intakes is ideal, a quality colour that passes off extremely well.

1400ReviewsFD767-N102FEGem-CpyWrtJonChamps 4

4) Nose detail

First class, no issues. neat, accurate, legible, perfectly acceptable in every way.

1400ReviewsFD767-N102FEGem-CpyWrtJonChamps 5

5) Tail and stabilisers

Perfect. really, no complaints, genuinely excellent.

1400ReviewsFD767-N102FEGem-CpyWrtJonChamps 6
The red marks at the top of the tail are runway light reflections

6) Colours

Perfect. Corporate models of this type Gemini excel at and this is no exception.

7) Score and conclusions

A -2 for some very minor definition issues. It isn’t as perfect as the Etihad 744F, but it’s very nearly there. Compare this to the utter rubbish Phoenix and their chimpanzee painting department are pushing out of late and it’s a welcome relief.

This model is just further proof that this year Gemini have seriously upped their game. Variety may not be their strong point for many reasons, but if they continue with this level of quality, especially when using these outdated cradle wings, nobody is going to mind. 98% is an excellent score.

So far this year I have three entrants in mind as contenders for Model of The Year 2015.  There will be a freighter title, a passenger aircraft title and an overall winner. It’s going to be hard to exclude this one despite it’s unnerving simplicity.