No ANA Star Wars – The Disney Empire Strikes Back

EDITED to reflect new information

Well it was in my opinion, and I’ve said it from day one, always a long-shot that JC ‘Jedi’ Wings would ever be able to get these models past Darth Disney’s lawyers in the two areas that hold copyright sacrosanct, often to the point of punitive punishment from even the suggestion of a breech. The US and EU – Disney’s two most important markets have apparently crushed hopes of these models being released. I suspect the same will happen anywhere, from Japan to Australia, New Zealand and Canada, where copyright is considered a serious issue.

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The Phoenix release has also now been cancelled apparently, which is no real surprise.

To their credit and also their detriment, being US based and in the middle of lawyer central, Gemini do have to ensure they get permissions, or at least an exemption to produce what they do. The limitations of this are obvious.

So if JCW have failed – I suspect that’s why you haven’t yet seen a delivery for weeks now, what about the other items in the shipping containers? Have they all gotten through or have they too, been impounded? Some are reaching the US and Hong Kong but there has been no sign of them in Europe with distributors/retailers scratching their heads.

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What to do? White boxes are one way, often they can sneak through customs, but that means already produced models will be impounded if they are already here, and usually that means scrap. Empire authorities are relentless about illegal materials, they routinely destroy them.

Is there, I wonder, the hope that Gemini, by playing inside the rules might actually make them? You never know even if Gemini said once on Facebook they’d never make another ANA I’m told. The Force works in mysterious ways.

The above article was edited to reflective cancellation of the Phoenix release.

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  1. Gemini said a while back, via their Facebook page, that they weren’t going to make ANA models anymore.

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