Site Updates – Catering for the future!

Firstly, thank you for supporting!

I never expected it to become what it has and following the updates to the site in July-August this year, some of the older reviews especially from May 2014 through to August 2014 lack certain refinements. For example, some of the photos are inexplicably off-centre and have to be manually pulled into place. These are being corrected on an ongoing basis, along with any of my grammar and spelling mistakes! You should see what my editor does to my manuscripts for my books!

Other issues that are also being rectified are:

  • Lack of accurate tags for searches – I know have a strict policy creating tags that’s been in use for most of 2015, but older post lack this and they are being updated to improve searches.
  • Categorisation – refinement to categories for searches and re-categorisation; this is a bigger issue and will take time to correct – so many small things I wish I’d done differently! That’s experience for you.
  • Cross-links – more tags cross linking airlines, aircraft types; a longer process but it will be done over the next few months
  • Social Media tags – these just need to be added as each article is updated
  • Headline images; many older articles never had these from the old website, but I’m getting round to these as time goes on.
  • More images – this is long term project, to go back to older posts and if I have kept the model (a few have been sold on, but not many), take new images to add to the originals.

If anyone has any suggestions of what they would like to see, please leave a comment in the box below and I thank you again for your support and attention.

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Virgin Atlantic A343 G-VFAR, BA 787-9 G-ZBKA, Thomson 738 with split scimitars – Phoenix’s first effort at these, Gemini WestJet 767, Herpa Bombardier CS-100, JC Wings 748i Korean Air, JC Wings 787-9 Star Wars, Thai 744, and last but possibly the most important: Gemini’s Alitalia A332 in the new livery, something that so far AeroClassics failed disastrously at, Phoenix failed with the wing colour and botched the whole thing.  And a few more too…