UPDATE: G-VFAB – Goodbye and thank you

I was overwhelmed with the positive response both public and private to the article on G-VFAB, through Twitter especially, email and Facebook. Her passing was sudden for most of us, even though it was common knowledge it would happen by Feb 2016, most knowing her age thought she might be first, yet it happened almost out of the blue.

One guy from SFO was the last to push her back from the stand on her routine visits there, a man at Gatwick on holiday who wondered why she never collected passengers before leaving, a friend who actually met Branson on board her in 2010, and many many more.

For those of you who took so much interest, some final images – and an appeal to anyone who might be able to access more, please let me know.

It’s a rare day indeed when a specific aircraft holds so many memories for so many people.

Her final flight from McCarran International, where she cleared customs as scrap, to Phoenix Goodyear for dismantling.
Arrival at GYR
Arrival at GYR
Taxiing at GYR
Arrival at GYR
Arrival at GYR after taxiing to a pre-disposal holding stand