Airport GSE Set 1 Cargo Dragon Wings Item 55592 2003

This appeared on eBay at a rather expensive price I’ll admit, but the quality of this Dragon Wings GSE is something I was aware of having acquired a small number of pieces over the years. They were still sealed into their original plastic container. Were sealed is the operative – there is no way for that much money they were not being used.

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The set contains 2 conveyors, 2 large container lifters, 2 small trailer tugs and 8 standard containers, along with 4 flat trailers.

Now most of us with a diorama have paid a lot of money at times for  Gemini’s exceptionally shoddy and outdated plastic 1:400 GSE. The dreadfully poor catering trucks are a major disappointment,  the coaches are from the 1950’s and the rest of it is fairly ordinary. Worst of all it rarely works on the few moving parts and in the end most need gluing.

Herpa have made some good GSE but at prices that are simply eye watering. Over the last two years it’s cost me the best part of £55 ($85) for 3 sets of their catering trucks alone, never mind the buses and the tractors.

GSE is an expensive business and mostly because it’s such a limited market.

So having paid £25 for these were they worth it?  Too right they were!

The first thing that strikes you is the solid build quality, really first rate. quality plastics, beautifully moulded. The next is the detail, especially on the large loaders and the trailers. They make everyone else’s efforts look positively feeble. If you could buy these now, new I would by the packet load. Superb.

Best to leave it to the photographs really, set with the ANA Cargo 763F.

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