PHOENIX announced their line up for October. Some of it was a little predictable, but it had some interesting variations.


For me, and BA/Virgin Atlantic fans, it’s a good day. The “goodbye” release of G-VFAR, currently being broken up in Florida, one of only two of the A343’s Virgin had until March 2015 painted in the 2010 livery, is greatly appreciated. Her sister G-VELD was a terrible colour match, being silver. Now Phoenix have at last sorted the colours, this is a must have addition.


G-ZBKA is the first of BA’s 16 787-9’s, again a must have and the Thomson 738 with split scimitars will be Phoenix’s first with those wings. How well do we think they’ll do with that? As long as the colours are consistent with prior Thomson models that too, will be a welcome addition.

Two versions of Korean Air 748i – one with in-flight wings, one on the the ground – what a great choice to have! I’ve already got one on order from JCW so I shan’t be going there.

There are assorted Chinese airlines, the usual types of thing if you like all that, then the truly ugly 787-9 Scoot with the Singapore 50th tiles all over it like a rash. Not a pretty aircraft and possibly the only livery that looks hideous on a 787 – they normally carry anything with ease. Then again not much could carry that and look good.


Another goodbye release is the Thai 744 pair, HS-TGX & TGY. I’m a little tempted but decided I have enough Thai now and gave them a miss.

Others of note include the Air Canada 787-9, Singapore 50th Anniversary A380. LAN’s 787-9 – might be worth getting as new aircraft for LAN/TAM will start to appear in the LATAM livery and their individual liveries will be expunged over the next two years.


There is also the Finnair OneWorld, which is in my less than humble opinion, one of the worst OneWorld liveries too date, and I usually like them for their simplicity, but this is way too simple.  There’s also another version of the Tudo Azul livery A330, a Lufthansa 744 with the FC Bayern livery, a Turkish football liveried 737, and a couple of Malaysia Airlines 777’s – I’m not going there, I’m waiting for the new livery.

So plenty for everyone!

Phoenix…please, make sure the wings and wheels are attached to the Virgin Atlantic A343!


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