Etihad Cargo 747-47UF N476MC Gemini Jets GJETD1477 June 2015

I know, I’ve been a bit heavy on cargo of late, but it’s been long neglected. Last week I saw this model for the full retail list price of £45.95 – some $70 US.  Then on Saturday it was listed by an independent seller on eBay for £28 ($43) and having seen it for real, I decided it was a good buy. This is the first model of 2015 I’m proposing for Model of The Year. Yes! A Gemini, that good. Besides Virgin Atlantic’s G-VAHH, BA G-ZBJC and a Delta 757 should be here Friday!

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Arriving at RLSI

Built in 1999 for Atlas Air Leasing she went into service as G-GSSA working for British Airways through Global Supply Systems who long operated BA’s freighter fleet – something they continued to do until April 2014 when the three 747-8F’s (G-GSSD, E &F), BA operated were handed back as the airline departed the cargo-only market, handing its operations to Qatar Airways.

This aircraft was then re-registered to N476MC in December 2011 and Atlas Air operate her for Etihad, based out of Abu Dhabi in the UAE. She used to be in the billboard style logo livery for Etihad Cargo, which was aways pretty amazing looking, but I love this new livery. The short video of her is rather good:


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Just about as perfect as they get. Really superb, fantastic detail, perfect print, exquisitely applied paint, outstanding. The aerials two up and one below are first class installations. Really, this sort of quality is deserving the highest praise.

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The only small downside is that still, in certain spots (and this applies across the model) there is unnecessary dust or particles in the paint. The Etihad Cargo lettering is of particular mention because it’s a sophisticated font set and has a 3D edge that has been superbly duplicated.

1400ReviewsETI-N476MC-GemCpyWrtJonChamps 9

2)Wings, underbody and landing gear

This is the most fault free cradle mould installation I have ever seen. The wings are perfect, detail is excellent and not covered over by acres of over glossy paint. Really excellent.

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The underbody paint and detail is first rate, the landing gear is excellent all round and frankly it’s just a superb all-over effort.

Landing gear, excellent, stand fist perfectly, detail superb
Landing gear, excellent, stand fits perfectly, detail superb

I’m literally thrilled. There’s been so much crap out of Gemini in the past few years, when they do something like this they deserve all the praise I can muster. This is one good model and it’s a delight to see.


All four are faultless moulds, with quality paint and first rate finish. The fine quality of the silver intakes and rims are a joy to behold. The entire engine assembly is first rate. The pylons have a tiny mould/paint ripple but from an eyeball perspective it doesn’t have any impact.

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4)Nose detail

Superb. The only tiny downside, though you can’t see it with the naked eye, is the very slight silver blur into the black of the flight deck windows, but I’m being picky as their is simply nothing else to say!

1400ReviewsETI-N476MC-GemCpyWrtJonChamps 8

5)Tail and stabilisers

Other than the dust in the paint (which is very minimal) these are beautifully printed, superbly assembled and look amazingly good. The rear underbody of the tail is of particular mention. Excellently done.

Arriving at RLSI

1400ReviewsETI-N476MC-GemCpyWrtJonChamps 3

6) Colours

Perfect. Not only that but the colour exactly matches the A380 and 787-9. Not often do they manage to get the same airlines colours to match across the board!

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7) Score and Conclusion

From a naked eye perspective this model is 100%. It’s as perfect as I would ever like to see  for this price and this scale. I am honestly delighted with it. So much so, that so far this year it rates as the best model of the year and is a candidate for this years accolade. A real surprise, but much deserved acclaim.

All three match for colour
All three match for colour

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