UPS 767-34AF(ER) N344UP Gemini Jets GJUPS1470 2015

I’ve always loved the UPS livery and my personal experience of UPS services has always been ultra-positive. I’ve collected a couple – I know some people have entire fleets of UPS and or Fedex, but it suits the RLSI Diorama to have no more than three or four of any one cargo line. So this 763F joins an MD-11F and a 752F. I keep pondering wether to get the 744F as well, but probably not.

This one is a 2011 aircraft, originally not fitted with winglets, they were added in September 2013.

Gemini produce these as an officially licensed and approved product so they tend to be far better quality and consistency than the run of the mill model, though it’s no guarantee.

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the mould is problem free and causes no concern in itself. There are two aerials up top (one to the rear is painted brown), and one below mid rear.

From an eyeball perspective the print is neat and precise, the livery is excellently applied, with no overlaps or colour blur. The wording is excellent, as is the general print and finish.

The main port side car door is well detailed and looks very good. The starboard side belly cargo doors are possibly a little feint, but that’s a personal preference call. If you look at the real thing, they are very fine. No complaint.

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2)Wings and landing gear

The cradle method wings are neatly inserted, a tight fit, no ghastly gaps or issues fitting into the fuselage, a quality piece of work. The method of painting Gemini have adopted seems to provide good colours and plenty of detail, avoiding the heavy paint and detail loss we see so often with Phoenix; especially under the wing.

The massive winglets (I love these huge 767 winglets, when you get up close to them as I did at Heathrow recently,  you really appreciate their size), are thin enough to be realistic but thick enough to be strong.

Main gear doors are thin metal and full of hairs
Main gear doors are thin metal and full of hairs

The landing gear was very stiff and had to be encouraged to roll, but once loosened up they were fine. The issue – and this goes for the nose gear too, is that the doors are made from pretty rubbish metal. It looks creased and thin. They also have hair in the paint.

The nose gear door isn't an exemplary performance
The nose gear door isn’t an exemplary performance

The tyres aren’t too bad this time either, no large lumps to contend with. A little detail on the nose gear is the red line on the door, on the actual aircraft this is either a dark blue or black.

3) Engines

2x GE CF6-80C2B6F’s power this freighter and in general they are very well executed.  Sadly, the port engine has quite a noticeable gash in the mould beneath the paint. The rims and fans are all well produced and excellently painted. The exhausts are excellent.

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Hairs in the paint and that annoying gash in the side of the nacelle
Hairs in the paint and that annoying gash in the side of the nacelle

4) Nose detail

All fine, nothing to complain about, a good job all round. The nose gear is the only slightly disappointing element when viewed up close, but it passes the eyeball test.

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5) Tail & Stabilisers

Faultless. It’s that simple really, the paint is excellent, everything fits and looks as it should.

1400ReviewsUPS763FN344UPGeminiCpyWrtJonChamps 3

6) Colours

Perfect. With the minor exception of that nose gear door line.

MD-11F, 752F and 767F
MD-11F, 752F and 767F

7) Score and conclusion

Another example of  a constantly improving Gemini product. Even allowing for the fact they generally make a much greater effort with fully licensed product, especially if some of it is destined for a corporate customer, this is still an excellent model.   -2 each for the not very good main gear doors and -2 for the nose gear doors. -1 for the colour error on the nose gear door. – 3 for the slash in the engine mould. 90%

Another fine addition to the Cargo Fleet operating out of RLSI. Congratulations to Gemini on a job well done.