China Southern Cargo 777-F1B B-2041 Phoenix 10973

China Southern Cargo 777-F1B B-2041 Phoenix 10973 2014

A mix of Dragon Wings and Witty with some Orn Castings GSE, Herpa lights and the Phoenix 777F
A mix of Dragon Wings and Witty with some Orn Castings GSE, Herpa lights and the Phoenix 777F

Now and again, I treat myself to a buying spree at Aviation Megastore near Amsterdam Airport, but I need to have something else to buy as to make it worthwhile the postage rates make it viable only if at least 3 models are shipped.

I can never help myself when it comes to cargo aircraft on offer and I do rather like the 777F, so seeing two of these to accompany the Transavia 737 (only available from them), I ordered the Korean Cargo and the China Southern Cargo (Guangzhou & Shanghai) versions of the freighter.

The China Southern livery is one of my favourites from that part of the world, and it seems sad that as part of the Chinese Government’s imposed re-framing of the countries air cargo companies, China Southern Cargo (Guangzhou & Shanghai), Air China Cargo (Beijing), and China Cargo Airlines (based in Shanghai and in effect the cargo arm of China Eastern), will all become one large company. Interestingly this has been made easier by CSA & CCA being inside the Skyteam cargo alliance, though how that will affect Air China with its 7 777F’s, 3 744F’s, 4 757F and a pair of Tupolev’s on order but in Star Alliance, who’s to say?  With China Southern taking 6 of the new freighters this year (adding to 6 from last year plus 2 744F’s), merging all of the three airlines operations together will make a formidable cargo carrier. Look out European, ME3 and Asian competitors!

IMGP8258 - Version 2

1) Fuselage

This is one of Phoenix’s 2014 era models when they went through a stage of being extremely good. This one has aerials, domes, a superb paint job in that 1950’s looking China Southern livery, that looks like a cross between a high speed train and an old ocean liner, and frankly its fit and finish are first rate. It just underlines how far they have fallen in 12 short months.

I love everything about this. It’s simplicity coupled to neat and well produced quality detail makes it all the more attractive.

IMGP8285 - Version 2

IMGP8287 - Version 2

2) Wings, underbody and landing gear

Phoenix do tend yo over gloss their wings above and below – it makes for a nice shiny model but not so much for a realistic one. However I have no general or minor complaints about the wings, they are spot on, beautiful fitted and a joy to behold. Come on Phoenix, lets get back to these standards!  The landing gear is silver painted metal with rotating wheels – these freighters have heavily uprated gear but it’s the standard fit. Nose gear is  also very good.

Simple but effective livery
Simple but effective livery

3) Engines

Perfectly done, quality paint and excellent fans.

4) Tail



5) Nose and flight deck

Some people don’t like the Phoenix nose on 777’s. It isn’t perfect as moulds go, but its not as awful as say the JC Wings A380 or the current batch of A350’s that are truly off the scale for inaccuracy. The paint is neat, quality and problem free. However, these manufacturers are for ever cutting corners with packaging. While Gemini box cradles have become so thin and weak and Phoenix are not far behind, all of them seem to have dropped the plastic nose protector covers. This has, as so often now led to damage on the under part of the nose paint. Prices rise and we get less and less for our money until their penny pinching starts to affect the product directly.

You can just see the nose paint is damaged by the lack of protection in the cradle
You can just see the nose paint is damaged by the lack of protection in the cradle

6) Colours

Spot on. No issues.

IMGP8261 - Version 2

7) Score:

10/10 Because it’s fault free. This is how good Phoenix were a year ago. Now they are hit and miss and unreliable – again.


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  1. The 1/400 China Southern B777f Cargo by PH is the second generation version. The first generation of the same aircraft did not have the blue/gold cheat line running along the fuselage. That was corrected and here we have this Awesome! version.

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