Stunning new livery from Alitalia highlights the liveries of the week

There’s not been quite so many new liveries this week but what we have had has been pretty significant.

AlItalia finally revealed their full livery for the first time. Now run by Luca di Montezemolo, former head of Ferrari-Maserati and the F1 team, a major shareholder in the FIAT group as well as a swathe of Italian luxury brands, the impact on Alitalia has been quite noticeable. This is a man for whom quality and elegance mean everything – and he knows how to run a business, innovation and quality are the core of everything he does, from exotic cars to heritage mens aftershaves like the hand made Aqua di Parma.

Etihad buying 49% of the airline and finally, Union acceptance that it was change or job losses when the airline closed down, not if, and things are finally turning around. With it comes a new livery as it tries to shake off the past. Alitalia isn’t denying its heritage, it just needs to be seen as something new, something away from what it once was, the sick, hands tied hostage of a state owned airline riddled with union imposed inefficiency. Did you know for example that until the 1990’s Alitalia staff – even cleaners, had a company paid taxi to get them to work?

I was afraid they would adopt the cheapskate Eurowhite bland that Iberia fell for – its a lot cheaper to paint white with a tad of colour, but they’ve resisted the desire to go down that road.

The new AlItalia livery
The new AlItalia livery

They used the same principle American Airlines adopted, appreciating that Italy’s national colours (derived from the House of Savoy, the former monarchs of Italy until 1946 when it came a Republic), are an essential part of what is regarded as the flag carrier, it uses the entire tail fin and fuselage. Feint green striations process down the body until they reach just behind the wings.

The colour is also not white – they were at pains to make sure that was understood – it is in fact a light ivory. The Alitalia logo, utilising new fonts is displayed prominently on the wings and nose.

The more I see it the more I love it, it's striking and modern
The more I see it the more I love it, it’s striking and modern

I have to be honest, at first glance I was not convinced, but the more you look at how different it is, the subtleties start to emerge and it quickly grew on me. I like it. the new video of Alitalias livery history is pretty cool too:

alitalia-new-2015-livery-2-azlrIn case you missed (how did you do that?) Singapore Airlines released their 50th anniversary A380 livery – full details here:

Singapore Airlines 50th Anniversary Livery

Aeroclassics have also stolen a march and been the first to announce they are shipping an A332 almost immediately.

Aeroclassics launched this within days.
Aeroclassics launched this within days.

The very next day JC Wings released both a 1:200 and 1:400 version available to order from your local JCW stockist.

JC Wings Singapore Airlines A380 50th Anniversary livery
JC Wings Singapore Airlines A380 50th Anniversary livery

Not two years back and Cebu Pacific were a hot seller with multiple releases from Gemini – now they can start again, the company has changed its livery, not a lot but a bit, better or worse? You decide!


The old Cebu
The old Cebu
The new Cebu Pacific...
The new Cebu Pacific…

And a new delivery working for Alaska Airlines…SkyWest Airlines (Alaska SkyWest) has taken delivery of its first new Embraer ERJ 170-200LR (ERJ 175) in preparation of its new Embraer-operated Alaska SkyWest service. The pictured N170SY (msn 170900483) was handed over on June 1 in Brazil. Now who doesn’t want a model of this?

Alaska SkyWest ERJ 175 (90)(Tko) SJU (RSV)(46)-M

Have a great weekend….there are Gemini’s on the reviews runway next week, Aeroclassics, Herpa, and Phoenix all due any day!

2 thoughts on “Stunning new livery from Alitalia highlights the liveries of the week

  1. Rushed out to buy the PHX Alitalia A330 which I had reserved at my model retailer and realise they haven’t painted the wings white!! So annoying!! Again Phoenix screwed up on the colours as the wings are grey!! 😦
    The tail also doesn’t emphasise the change in green!! I was so looking forward to this model which I bought but now might have to sell on if there’s a new release on another Alitalia A330 which I doubt!!

    1. Phoenix and Aeroclassics have failed this scheme miserably – the AC is even worse and has proven difficult to sell. The Gemini is out now but hard to get in some areas. Due at the end of this month.

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