ARRIVALS: Terminal-1 West, Terminal-2 East & RLSI WorldPort


GATE 11 Flight TG3801 Thai Airways From Bangkok Suvarnabhumi 

Thai will be adding an A380 due on 1st June. I’ve been wanting one for ages and haven’t had a Phoenix A380 before. The JC Wings one wasn’t much of a success (Qatar livery) so lets hope this one is better, as to date, despite the not brilliant mould Gemini’s has been reasonable but nothing has come close to beating the stunning Witty A380’s (China Southern and Singapore Airlines).



GATE 12 Flight TC7731 Turkish Airlines From Istanbul Sabiha Göcken to San Francisco International via RLSI

The only reason I bought this is the special SFO-Istanbul livery, two cities I love, otherwise we wouldn’t need a 773ER at RLSI for a European flight!

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 17.36.22

GATE 14 Flight OZ3332 Asiana Airlines From Seoul Incheon 

If you ordered it you must be wondering why it was delayed and if it’s going to be any good when it gets here right? Well I will be studying it closely, especially after Phoenix have been sliding back down hill of late.


GATE E19 Flight TC2320 From Arrecife 

Another delayed flight – will the Thomas Cook/Condor A321’s be the business or is it’s delay from last month a bad omen? Lets expect the worst and hope for the best!


GATE 15 Flight AD2332 Azul Linhas Aereas from Brasilia Presidente Juscelino Kubitschek International 

Now this is going to be one amazing livery! I love Brasil, it’s a complicated multi-faceted and enormously contrasting country few appreciate until you see it for yourself and this model is – I sincerely hope as stunning as it looks in reality. JC Wings made it last time I think and I missed out. This one must be the best, mustn’t it Phoenix?

A stunning livery
A stunning livery
GATE 16 Flight HV3738 Transavia Airlines from Maastricht-Aachen

This is a special Phoenix model for AMS Luchtvaart and only available from them. Transavia is AF-KLM’s under-utilised budget carrier based in the Netherlands and France equally now and about to expand dramatically to compete with Lufthansa’s GermanWings replacement Eurowings and the big boys like Vueling, RyanAir, easyJet and Norwegian. This is its new livery. It should prove to be quite a rarity.



Transavias new liveries
Transavias new liveries
 GATE 10 Flight AS4737 Alaska Airlines from Ted Stevens Anchorage international

Yes believe it or not, A fully loaded 738 can just make it with a 10% fuel margin from Anchorage to RLSI, and I’m more than a little fond of one the pluckiest and most determined airlines in the US. This will be the fourth Alaska 737 at RLSI and the first in the standard livery, (the others are Timberland, Salmon and Dreamliner liveries). The Alaska 738 – why does it matter – it’s the first one from Gemini with Split Scimitar Winglets. How they make these work is crucial to the next generation of 737 models. It will be heavily scrutinised I promise.

STATUS: DUE week ending 19th June.

Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 16.00.30

GATE E18 Flight BE4880 FlyBe from Exeter

The much anticipated FlyBe Dash-8 Q400 G-JECY – I’flown on it several times and much as I hate Dash-8’s (atrocious safety record and akin to flying in a chicken shed), it does have the new livery purple in use for over a year now. Some people think this is just a special livery but it is being rolled out in full over time, FlyBe just don’t have the cash to respray anything unless they have to.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 10.32.34

GATE A7 Flight VN3509 Vietnam Airlines from Hanoi Noi Bai International 

This will be the most crucial model Gemini have produced since the 787; Vietnam Airlines will debut the much anticipated Gemini A350-900 launch. Will it have the wonderful see though engines? Will it be at least as good as what Phoenix have managed so far? Even more so as already Aeroclassics have pitched up their version in their latest release. This model is crucial because if it’s not good then Gemini are going to deservedly face some major criticism – this will show us if they mean business and want to be the best or are just prepared to ham it up and grab our money and run for the hills. Recent improvements in fit and finish have shown they may well be on the way to something excellent. Either way I will be examining it from one end to the other and giving it one of the most thorough dissections any model has ever faced!

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 10.33.39

GATE 22 Flight S7320 S7 Siberian Airlines from Moscow Domedovo  

JC Wings S7 Airlines A320 – not everyones favourite livery I’ll grant you that but rather funky, part of OneWorld as an associate member and with strong ties to Lufthansa. It will counterbalance the 735 I’ve currently got in use. Believe it or not the lurid green and a reputation for good service and punctuality have made it Russia’s largest domestic airline and it flies a fair few international short haul routes, including Manchester in the UK.


GATE A6 FLIGHT SN1010 Brussels Airlines from Brussels National 

How soon it will arrive I don’t know, but Aeroclassics could be here in a week…the much anticipated TinTin A320 Brussels Airlines.  – very much looking forward to this so lets see if it’s got the quality to go with the amazing graphics on the real thing.


The Tin Tin
The Tin Tin

RLSI WorldPort Arrivals:

With it should arrive a couple of older models I was stimulated into getting having seen them a Fraport over in the Cargo Partners handling. The China Southern one actually took off past us on the runway close to the Terminal.  Korean Air Cargo 777F and China Southern Cargo 777F. Older Phoenix models but hard to find now and they can join a Fedex, AeroLogic, Qatar & Lufthansa versions.

Korean Air Cargo 777F
Korean Air Cargo 777F
China Southern cargo
China Southern cargo