New liveries and a hint of what Transaero’s A380’s & 748i’s will look like, the missing Phoenix Transavia?

You won’t recognise this one from its previous incarnation – EI-DEO. She was the first of four Virgin Atlantic Little Red A320’s to be returned off their wet lease from Aer Lingus at the end of March. Having had to have the interior stripped and be repainted they’ve gone for their 2015 Rugby Union sponsorship livery shown here. This would be an excellent addition to RLSI – hope someone makes this!

Aer Lingus Rugby Football Union team livery
Aer Lingus Rugby Football Union team livery


WestJet begins its Glasgow services with this new livery, a full tartan tail. Halifax NS to Glasgow  Scotland on a 737 anyone? the growth in Trans-Atlantic small aircraft operations is a fast moving trend, with WOW, Air Canada and now Westjet operating scheduled service, not excluding BA’s A318’s from London City. A growing number of charter holiday lines from Europe are flying as far as Miami with up to two stops for fuel. I’m going for Gemini to make this one!

New Tartan Tail
New Tartan Tail
...quite like it to be honest
…quite like it to be honest

Well this should give you a good idea what Transaero’s 748i’s and A380’s will look like when they get delivered. They’ve just taken delivery of this Irish registered (as is almost everything Transaero fly) 737-800 in their new livery:

Transaero's new livery
Transaero’s new livery

Britains dumbed down rightwing newspaper the Daily Telegraph recently rated the worst ever airline liveries in their online travel section. No 1 on their list was the 777 ANZ of The Hobbit from 2012. Followed by Nok Air, Bangkok Air, Mango, German Wings Berlin “Be Part of it” Berlin livery, S7 Airlines of Russia, Fly Niki silver fly livery, Cebu Pacific, Air Jamaica (quad colour), Air Tahiti Nui, Frontier, Edelweiss, Caribbean Airlines turquoise/yellow/white livery, Wizz and finally Hawaiian.

Clearly the whole article was just someones personal opinion and from the comments (which they shut down) it didn’t go down too well.

Two reviews coming up this week, and somethingI forgot to buy but will be a first from this manufacturer next week.

And finally…The missing Transavia….

Aviation Mega Store in Amsterdam have on their list for Phoenix pre-Orders a Transavia 737 in the new livery – now this is an Air France-KLM European subsidiary intended to compete with Lufthansa’s Eurowings. No mention of it anywhere else, nor on Phoenix’s issue list. Have they had it made just for them? They certainly have the market and the selling power for it.



Transavias new liveries
Transavias new liveries