One Year On – The top posts and photos on 2014-15

Today is this blogs official birthday – one entire year. I had no idea what would happen. It was primarily designed to post reviews that were difficult to produce and used a lot of imagery to a consistent standard on our forum. technical drawbacks with the forum system resulted in large amounts of wording being lost and copy and paste didn’t work well for formatting.

May last year was quiet compared to now! There are more visitors between 1am and 2am that in all of May 2014!


59% OF REFERRALS COME THROUGH GOOGLE – people actively searching for information on the models, subjects, reviews etc.

9% Come through Facebook, 3% from Twitter, 3.3% from Forums and the rest, 25.7% are direct links from bookmarks on browsers.

The oddest thing is when you get what I call a ransacker. A first time visitor who literally goes through everything and downloads and reads everything. Sometimes they tell you, and it’s really rather nice. One the other day said I’d restored his faith in the hobby and he wanted to get back into it simply from going through the content of this site. Makes my heart glow in the dark, but that could be radiation from Chernobyl.


The answer: 41,318 Unique Visits

How many pages did you read? 2.98 per visit is the average on 123,128 page views.

The number one most downloaded photo of the last 12 months
The number one most downloaded photo of the last 12 months


Because only direct click-throughs are counted, and 50% of people come straight in to the home page then read an article from the current front page down, actual numbers are meaningless, but it gives you a good idea.

1) Gemini v. Phoenix 787-9 G-VNEW – this was by far the most read article, when I say by far I mean 5 times more than the second most read review article.

2) Delta Groove illuminated runway – this was quite a surprise to me to be honest, The number of emails and direct message tweets about this was amazing, however the big issue is that Delta Groove website is awful and Tomohiro can take an age to respond to an e-mail if ever. Not a way to do business.

3) Air New Zealand 787-9 ZK-NZE – I can hardly blame anyone for loving this model, it was my model of the year 2014, Phoenix excelled themselves and you as readers seemed to agree.

4) The Southwest New Livery 737 – Not many were made and they were sold out in a flash, yet it’s still the fourth most read review.

5) The American Airlines 787-8 N800AN – A recent review and numbers of views rise every day, but its popularity is rightly deserved, Gemini have produced one of their best models in ages.

The number 2 most downloaded photo
The number 2 most downloaded photo


1) The Vanishing of Velocity – I got more stick over this that you’d ever imagine, not that I care, I’ve spent my life dealing with controversy and I knew what I was writing, but at the same time it revealed again, a wide gap in what people will say to you privately and what they will say on Facebook or in a forum. Many of you told me you thought it all a bit unprofessional on both the alleged Gemini employees part and Velocity in private. Oh and the number of views? It was the second most read article on the blog in the last 12 months, only just being topped by the Gemini V. Phoenix 787-9. The day it was published was the biggest single day in the blogs history, the week after it was the biggest week. You can of course read into that what you like.

2) Selling Models on eBay – After I wrote the how to avoid buying frenzy on eBay and wasting your money, I actually had requests on how to sell on eBay. It’s a lot more complicated than it seems when you come to write it down! However it was the second most read non-review article in the last 12 months and it generated a lot of private positive comment. For those of you who found it useful, thanks for saying so.

3) Virgin Atlantic ends A340-300 Operations – a surprisingly popular article – lots of positive reaction.

4) Avoiding the eBay buying frenzy – strangely popular for an article not one person commented on, suggesting a few guilty consciences! We’ve all done it, I have, how do you think I learnt to write about it?!

5) Velocity Models launch – the most anticipated launch in ages.

I love A380's - to me they are the pinnacle of aviation engineering at present.
The No 3 most downloaded – I love A380’s – to me they are the pinnacle of aviation engineering at present.
The No.4 Most downloaded image of 2014-15 ..Scary, isn't it Mr Anderson? A man who knows nothing about the plane he hates
The No.4 Most downloaded image of 2014-15 ..Scary, isn’t it Mr Anderson? A man who knows nothing about the plane he hates


Well you’ve been looking at them. I was a bit surprised to be honest that it didn’t all match the top articles, but there we go.

1) The nose to nose comparison on the two 787-9’s

2) The full daylight comparison of the two 787-9’s

3) The Etihad A380 on a night time background

4) The Etihad A380 arriving at RLSI

5) The Etihad 787

So, at the end of a year, more of the same to come, improvements are in the pipeline, reviews (when aircraft models finally arrive) and a few off the wall articles to fill in the gaps. I’m on holiday 12th-19th May so don’t expect too much next week, maybe the odd posting from Vienna, Austria or if I spot something interesting at Birmingham, Munich, Frankfurt or Vienna airports!

THANK YOU FOR READING 1400.REVIEWS you’re always welcome to message me through Facebook, twitter or by email, or just leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

The No 5 most downloaded  - In natural daylight, the colours look superb
The No 5 most downloaded – In natural daylight, the colours look superb