What’s coming up next…

With Phoenix models delayed into the UK because of the extended Easter holidays, I’m reliably told they should be here Monday and with customers by Tuesday/Wednesday. I only ordered 3 out of this release but 5 out of the April/May.

So with three of the new release on the way, this is I’ll be reviewing in the next week:

1) Virgin Atlantic A346 G-VGAS

I’ve already been seeing images of this and have been sent a few, but it looks like the Virgin Atlantic A346 G-VGAS is a hit, with Phoenix having at last got the colours right on the 787-9 G-VNEW they’ve carried them over to this. Now I’d love them to do one of the A320’s before Little Red goes out of service, as so far only JC Wings and AeroClassics produced them and they were only OK

Looking good but I can some possible issues...
Looking good but I can some possible issues…we’ll find out next week.

I’m going to do a stand-alone review for G-VGAS and then run a comparison test with the Gemini G-VNAP. It doesn’t matter about the age difference, G-VNAP was an official product sold through Virgin Atlantics’s on line Retail Therapy shop until barely a year ago it was still available and many are still being sold as new on eBay.

2) Azerbaijan 787-8 

This could prove interesting, one collector (who will remain nameless at his request) received one in the US and said the paint was “flat, thin and looked unfinished, like they’d forgotten what they were doing half way through”. I asked for some photos but not unusually nobody wants anything published in case it identifies them!  I still say send it back and ask for a replacement or your money back! What use is a rubbish model? You’ll only hate it, wont’t display it or even throw it out (and yes, someone told me that’s what they do if they can’t stand looking at it and can’t be bothered to sell it).

Azerbaijan Airlines 787-8 VP-BBR
Azerbaijan Airlines 787-8 VP-BBR

3) Silkway 748F

I know another Cargo – but I really expect that’s about the last one now for a while. I’ve got way too many cargo aircraft but I love them all. I’me even thinking of making an alteration to RLSI to display a third one on the diorama rather than the usual two, but that means loosing one of the remote stands for passenger aircraft. Decisions, decisions!

Silkway 748F VQ-BVC based in Baku, Azerbaijan
Silkway 748F VQ-BVC based in Baku, Azerbaijan

Now you might be surprised by this but I did order a Gemini from the recent release! American Airlines are starting a 757 service to BHX on May 7th competing against United who also fly in on a 757. Now at last there will be some price competition on this New York route as its cheaper to go to Heathrow at the moment. Now the last Gemini 757-300W in Condor livery I bought last year was a bloody joke, full of glue leaks, fingerprints in the paint, orange peel effect and the tail covered in glue spots, so please, please let this not be another disaster…

4) American Airlines 757-200w 


I’m still pondering the Gemini 777-200 AA OneWorld, but I hate that mould so much, I’m not sure I can bring myself to buy one.

Now I’m also looking at a bit of Diorama Shoot for RLSI, but it’s really not an easy thing to do, it’s 4feet off the ground and an island so i can access it from all sides. I’ll have to see how it goes. I’ll also be looking at a few “Vintage reviews” – some of the older models that have never been given the review treatment at all…if you think you want a review on anything and I’ve got it, well let me know in the comments section!