American Airlines 777-323ER N718AN Gemini Jets 2013 Release

N718AN by Gemini - 2013
N718AN by Gemini – 2013

You might remember this one, it’s not so long ago, the much desired (at the time) first release of the New American livery.  As liveries go I think it’s stunning. The fact the base colour was taken from one of the Directors Audi company car made me smile, it’s one of my favourite brands.

Why do this as a retro review? Mainly because at the time I was just tinkering about with reviews and I never really wrote it up in the more analytical and methodical way I prefer to do now.  The second reason was that as Gemini are about to deliver another first for American – the 787 in the new livery – I wanted to know how it would compare as it’s due to arrive next week.

I’ve given this one some serious opportunity to shine with what are hope are some interesting photographs. She was a band new aircraft at the time – the first painted into the new livery from the factory. So exactly how did Gemini do?

IMGP6885 - Version 2


Without any doubt this was one of Gemini’s better models from 2013, the new tamp print seems to have been deployed with some efficiency and in general the paint and quality are exceptionally high. There are sadly no aerials or domes, these are printed on neatly but more could have been done even then. There is absolutely no under body detail at all, no print or markings of any description.The red and white elements of the tail section (the blue is only on the tail fin) are printed on really well although have a strange translucency.

IMGP6878 - Version 2

IMGP6876 - Version 2

2) Engines

The General Electrics look exceptionally neat and are well painted and detailed, fixed neatly and accurately to the wing pylons. with excellent colouring on the fans and engine intakes.  First class.

IMGP6883 - Version 2

4) Tail and stabilisers

While the horizontal stabilisers are excellent, the vertical tail fin is very good but not the very best. Some of the colouring bled sufficiently to taint the overall impression, but it’s far from being bad, it’s just not quite good enough. The tail to be fair is a complex set of blue-white shading on red with white stripes, it’s quite complex and covers the entire fin.

IMGP6880 - Version 2

5) Wings and underbody

Superb wings but and this will always annoy me because it’s such a compromised way of doing things when alternate practices are available and have been for years (JC Wings were using push in wings in 2008), the cradle. The rear is almost spot on for fitment but it is slightly out. The front of the cradle is less satisfactory and you can see glue has been pushed through to the out side when fitted. It also doesn’t quite sit perfectly, it’s hard to explain but it just looks off. The front of the cradle is the worst bit as no aircraft looks like that and it’s plain wrong. Missing over-wing markings I know have disappointed many. Part of the problem I think is when Gemini set the production before seeing the aircraft for real – the same thing happened with the more recent Virgin Atlantic 787-9 and missing Roll Royce logos.

6) Landing gear

Simple and cheap frankly. Rubber wheels on spigots is actually pretty poor for what is generally a relatively good model.

IMGP6875 - Version 2

7) Out of 10?

The wheels are very much the let down, the bleed in some of the tail paint mildly irritating, missing over-wing exit markings, but very minor over all. It’s actually a very good model, The underneath may be a detail free but It still rates a good 7.5/10. Aerials and new mould detail should make for a greatly improved effort on the new 787. I hope.

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  1. -2 for me for the missing overwing exit markings!!!
    This is a detail that ruins the model for.
    I’ve had it also, but sold it right away when I saw the overwing markings were missing…

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