JC Wings Bombardier CS100 “No longer available” before it’s even been on general release

JC Wings Bombardier CS100 C-GWYD “withdrawn from Global sale following one large corporate purchase”

Rumours abound at every level but the general theme seems to be that one big purchaser stepped in and took a huge slice of JC Wings production leaving little or nothing for other markets. The UK for one will NOT be getting any through official retail channels. Retailers have pulled their orders from E-bay and their websites and notified pre-paid customers that it just isn’t going to happen.

At first I thought it was just the UK and then, a few phone calls and text messages later it seems that Hong Kong knew about this weeks ago – as early as the 17th of February. A few models were shipped to some markets but the suggestion is that it may even be Bombardier who took the vast majority of the production run.

It’s a very sad day in many ways. This was the very first attempt anyone had made at this significant contender in the otherwise sterile 737/A320 duopoly that has gone on for far too long. Lets hope JCW realise they need to do another and quickly. Preferably in Lufthansa or Swiss liveries!

If you are lucky enough to have gotten one, be grateful. It’s likely to be a much sought after collectable for some time, a genuine rare article. However if Bombardier did buy them they are likely to start to turn up on Ebay as soon as the first journalist review flights have taken place. Press “gifts” are often one of the main outlets for these – I used to have to buy enough of this stuff to keep journalists happy – and they won’t normally keep it long.


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