Thai Cargo 747-4D7BCF HS-TGJ JC Wings XX4318 2012 Release

Thai Cargo 747-4D7BCF HS-TGJ  JC Wings XX4318 2012 Release

With another cargo 744 bargain on Ebay for just £20 ($30.85US) and no other bidders I just had to have it. Since the installation of dedicated cargo facilities at RLSI I just need a few more cargo variants to allow 2-3 different aircraft per day when I change display models.

This particular aircraft was built for and has always been in, Thai service since delivery in 1993

Arriving at RLSI
Arriving at RLSI

and served as a passenger plane until 30th October 2011 when she was withdrawn. On 30th March 2012 she returned to service having been to Xiamen in China for cargo conversion.

According to Wings900 only 199 of this release were ever produced by JC Wings back in 2012, but many many versions of the passenger version have been made by almost every company going.

Surprisingly high quality from JC Wings in a year when Phoenix and Gemini were often not so good
Surprisingly high quality from JC Wings in a year when Phoenix and Gemini were often not so good

1) Main Fuselage

Print and detail are all outstandingly good, from the flight deck through to the lustrous purple, fuchsia and gold rear livery that makes Thai so distinctive.All the detail of the SCD stand out and that pale grey the company uses for its web address and the large print CARGO are all spot on, right the way down to the perfectly executed StarAlliance logo.

IMGP6655 - Version 2

2) Engines

Four CF6-80C2B1F’s power this version and they are all neat, well painted and other than a tiny bit of paint out of place on No 1, No2 and No4 where they meet the pylons, quite good with appropriate colouring on the fans. They all hang correctly pylons and prove how well things can be done when manufacturers try hard enough.

3) Landing Gear

Fully rotating wheels with neat tyres, excellent well detailed gear and the bogies are actually slightly tillable and generally quite flexible, which on stands gives an added reality bonus. A really excellent set, as is the nose gear.

IMGP6654 - Version 2

4) Tail fin and stabilisers

Really quite excellent. it’s a first class production this model and the tail detail is excellent.

IMGP6656 - Version 2

5) Wings and underbody.

The wings are cradle style inserts but, and this is the but, you would hardly even know it. The cradle mould fits perfectly, seamlessly, it looks so tidy that it’s hard to believe it is a cradle. Gemini take note (as if, because we know they don’t give a rats arse). Even the underwings and underbody have a decent amount of detail, well produced and refined.

6) Colours

Excellent, beautiful metallics and fine detailed print in all the right colours.

On the ground at RLSI
On the ground at RLSI

7) Overall score – we start at 10.

9.0/10 – for its age and quality it’s a spot-on first class model. No complaints at all and a bargain too!