Velocity Models Launch with a range of A319/320’s

Velocity Models – a much anticipated launch if ever there was one – launched their website yesterday and a range of A320’s priced at £23.44 ($36US) – excluding delivery and taxes. There are some interesting choices that US collectors will be quite pleased with – the one UK representative is the now already outdated easyJet livery, not that will stop anyone from buying it!

jetBlue, Spirit (in the new yellow livery), Frontier (in their new livery), United, Air Canada and Volaris are also represented and the boxes look particularly striking – something James (ex Gemini Jets) promised from the start.

Well it’s not cheap ordering anything from the US because postage costs are atrociously high – they have a fixed fee of $16.36 (£10.44) though the website doesn’t tell you how its being shipped. I had to email in separately about the customs declaration to make sure I don’t get stung for VAT and duty on receipt. The checkout process got stuck in an odd loop trying to force me to add data that wasn’t marked as compulsory then deleting that data when the Paypal checkout was chosen, but we got there in the end! Strongly advise setting up an account to avoid having to duplicate things later.

I’ve ordered the Air Canada A320 which will be reviewed as soon as it arrives. They are going to need to find international distributors or a cheaper method of postage if this is ever going to be worth while internationally.

The moulds are AeroClassics so they should be reasonably good – their Babybus range has proved quite good (though the landing gear is pretty poor), though I’m seeing some complaints about the jetBlue engines on Facebook. How Velocity deal with any complaints will be crucial.  In the meantime I hear that is now the official Canadian dealer.

Some images from Velocity below:








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