Tui to introduce third Haribo logo jet: ‘Haribo Tropifrutti’

The new Haribo logo jet from TUIFly
The new Haribo logo jet from TUIFly

Well who do we think will come up with this one first? My money’s on Phoenix. This is the third of it’s type and collectors either love them or hate them it seems! Predecessors include 737-8K5 D-AHFM as the Haribo Bear and the Haribo Goldbären D-ATUD which is still available on eBay from time to time and inexpensive. Some are even available new which sort of tells you it wasn’t a big hit with collectors as it’s a 2010 issue.

The new jet is to fly on a Cologne/Bonn-Keflvik-Newark route with competition winners. Hairbo gets its name from Hans Riegel Bonn, originally founded in 1920.

The two Haribo's
The two Haribo’s