Norwegian 737-8JP LN-DYU “Jørn Utzon” “Wi-Fi” AeroClassics January 2015 Release

IMGP6279 - Version 2
RLSI’s Norwegian contingent

I had to have a another one and it arrived today – No lectures on the culture of Scandinavia today either, go back and have a look at Norwegians “Greta Garbo” a couple of articles back for a fuller understanding of Norwegian’s livery philosophy. This one is quite different – Norwegian prides itself on having almost complete fleet-wide wi-fi on all of its aircraft so this version is liveried up to remind you of all the things wi-fi lets you do. Being lo-cost it might come as surprise to find that the service is completely free. Not many airlines offer such a service, it’s just one more value-added facility that might make you choose Norwegian over one of its competitors.  The gentleman on the tail fin this time is Jørn Utzon, a Danish architect whose claim to fame is the Sydney Opera House – possibly one of the most iconic buildings in the world, and the Kuwait National Assembly building.

The box the model arrived in is AeroClassics standard 737 box with a window. The usual poorly printed sticker on the side the only differentiator.

The aircraft was built for and delivered to Norwegian Air Shuttle on August 1st 2011.

Free wi-fi is one of Norwegians big selling points in the ultra competitive lo-cost European airlines market
Free wi-fi is one of Norwegians big selling points in the ultra competitive lo-cost European airlines market

1) Main Fuselage

Very similar to the Greta Garbo version but this time the livery is “enhanced” with the wording WIRELESS INTERNET ON BOARD and various suggestions as to what you might just use that for, everything from ‘WATCHING CUTE CAT VIDEOS’ to ‘SEND A TWEET’. The print quality is actually pretty good and there was only one I found it impossible to make out – they are all in descending font sizes and it’s one of the smallest.

2) Engines

The two CFMI CFM56’s suffer from the same old problem having really long extended tail pipes that are quite unrealistic, but overall it’s a good effort.

3) Landing Gear

As with Garbo, this time there seems to have been some effort with the landing gear. It’s way better than the 737-700 versions. Rather than low grade plastic toy-like fittings they were made to look like with too much paint, these are actually metal lightly painted for the main gear and a reasonable effort has been made at the nose though it still looks plastic.

The man who designed The Sydney Opera House, Jørn Utzen
The man who designed The Sydney Opera House, Jørn Utzon

4) Tail fin and stabilisers

The tail fin is outstanding. The crisp, excellent print is superb and all of the detail sings out, it’s a really nice graphic, looks first class and really makes the model. The stress cracking that seems to have happened in transit on the last two AeroClassics 737’s has not occurred here.

5) Wings and underbody.

Again, underbody detail is minimal in the extreme, wing detail has been obscured by an excess of paint. The hole for a stand is one you should try to avoid using – it’s very shallow and getting the model to even sit on the thin arm Gemini stand for a few seconds for photography was not easy, it came close to falling off!  The Sharklets incidentally are really very good, thin, and well detailed with excellent paint definition.

RLSI's Norwegian Contingent
Wi-fi is definitely on board

6) Colours 

These are easy enough to match, all are from the extended Pantone range and look an excellent match for the Phoenix colours on the 788.

7) Overall score – we start at 10.

And like the Greta Garbo version it gets a 9. Nothing much more to say, it’s a nice model, if expensive but I now have my sought after Norwegian contingent at RLSI so I’m happy. It is nice to see AeroClassics too, have been accepting of the need to advance their efforts and move forward with better detail and print on their models. They’re getting better with each new release.


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  1. I totally agree with everything said here – I have it and it is a FAB model!! Amazing what tampo print can achieve these days!!

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