Qatar Airways A350-941 A7-ALA Phoenix 11009 December 2014 Release

Qatar Airways A350-941 A7-ALA Phoenix 11009 December 2014 Release

Superb A350-900 QatarAirways A7-ALA by Phoenix
Superb A350-900 QatarAirways A7-ALA by Phoenix

The first commercially delivered A350XWB to launch customer Qatar Airways went into service just a few days ago (January 2015) on the Doha-Frankfurt rotation, the first of some 800+ expected to be delivered over the coming decade and I suspect another few hundred more on top. This aircraft is expected to have a sales life span of some 30 years and competes pretty much head on with the Boeing 787-9/10. Using advanced carbon composites and a plethora of high-tech systems. Truly an aircraft for the 21st Century, expect to see these in service for at least 40 years. It may be the last large wide body aircraft Airbus design until the late 2030’s, the next big project is a replacement for the A320 series in the mid 2020’s once A330Neo and A380Neo are out of the way.

This was £28.35 from including UK tax and 10% discount.

First impressions are a very professional looking box, correct colours font and logos and about as “on brand” as Phoenix has ever made. The model is an instant first impression hit, You can just see by looking at it, it’s on a new level of quality matching the previous heights reached by Witty Wings.

A7-ALA by Phoenix
A7-ALA by Phoenix

1) Fuselage

The mould is greatly improved from the previous two versions I’ve bought, the Singapore and Air China. The rough mould around the wing roots seems to have been resolved. There are three aerials, in line with doors 2, 3 & 4 on top and two more underneath; one behind the wing root and one in front of door 2. There are three moulded-in comms domes, 2 mid fuselage and one which has also been painted exceptionally neatly in front of door 2. There are other white and black markings including air speed sensors which look like the neatest print for something that small I’ve ever seen.

The quality and exactitude of the print and overall precision are simply the best quality, right the way down to the flight deck and door detail.

Rolls Royce Trent Engines look excellent, see through from one end to the other and the best on the market
Rolls Royce Trent Engines look excellent, see through from one end to the other and the best on the market for 1:400 models

2) Engines

The Rolls Royce Trent XWB rated up to a staggering 79,000b’s of thrust are a new departure for Phoenix – they have adopted the Witty-pioneered see through engines and this is an exquisite piece of detail on a 1:400 scale model. They look every bit as good as one would hope and then some more. The nacelles and pylons are all superbly neat in execution and painting. No bleed, no dust, no issues!

IMGP6172 - Version 2

3) Landing Gear 

Painted metal with detailed struts and hydraulics, fully rolling wheels. The one down side to this model is that they are fixed in position and the bogies don’t move at all. Other than that they are highly detailed, excellent quality befitting the general high standards of this model.

IMGP6184 - Version 2

4) Tail fin and stabilisers

They look so good and are so perfectly straight, flawlessly mounted, just as you would hope for, outstanding. Logos and paint detail are all highly accurate and crisp. In fact the tail fin is so finely moulded I had to check to see it wasn’t made of plastic, but it isn’t, it’s just beautifully made. the graphics are excellent and it looks ideal.

5) Wings and underbody.

The huge QATAR logo underneath is perfectly executed. The hole for a stand fits the standard thin arm Gemini version. The push in wings are accurate and well detailed. The huge curved wing tips lack only one small detail – the inner surface has the Qatar Ibex and on the model is painted the Qatar maroon, which the real thing isn’t but this was only visible after the public reveal, to late to make it to production.  The underwing detail is very good, simple but sufficient.

IMGP6182 - Version 2

6) Colours 

It’s an easy set of colours to match, straight from the Pantone reference guide so nobody should have a problem matching this and Phoenix have got it spot on.

IMGP6185 - Version 2

7) Overall score – we start at 10.

It is without question a superb model. It looks every bit as classy as Qatar Airways would expect and the quality and detail do a very fastidious and particular airline proud.  It’s wonderful high quality, value for money model. You couldn’t go wrong ordering it for your own collection. 10/10.