JC Wings to release innovative runway display stand/box

IMPORTANT EDIT: Since this was posted a company called Delta Groove has contacted me – they have told me that JC Wings have illegally copied this from them This is not an unusual thing to happen with copyright commonly ignored in China. There is little they can do about it but they are sending me a sample. I’ve asked how this can be obtained from them by order and if it is certified for use outside of Japan (especially if its electrical and mains operated – there are voltage considerations as well as wiring). I’ll post more if new information comes to light.

JC Wings have announce their first product for 2015 – a display box/stand with runway light illumination. At present they are talking around $100 – thats going to be around £75 in he UK with duty and tax. It’s an interesting concept and ideal for photography, though for many it would be an expensive way to display just one aircraft, but kudos to JC Wings for creating something new and innovative.

Next how about some real airport diorama accessories?

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8 thoughts on “JC Wings to release innovative runway display stand/box

    1. We are Delta Groove.
      We have nothing to do with JC Wings.
      I commented this blog because this diorama is copy of our design.

  1. Where can i buy a Delta Groove diorama? I can’t get my head around their website 😛

    1. I understand entirely, e-mail Tomohiro at the address in the article. He gets back to you eventually. He doesn’t make it easy I’m afraid.

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