Wizz Air A320-232 UR-WUC Phoenix 10825 1:400 November 2013

Wizz Air A320-232 UR-WUC Phoenix 10825 1:400  November 2013

Wizzair.com's A320 with sharklets
Wizzair.com’s A320 with sharklets

This is a model released in late 2013 of the East European ULCC Wizz Air’s Ukrainian based companies A320-232. The airline is also based in Poland and Hungary. When trouble started brewing in the Ukraine in late 2013 & early 2014, Wizz, conscious that the area was effectively becoming a war zone de-registered its aircraft from Kiev and moved most of them onto the Hungarian register in Budapest and in May 2014 the aircraft formerly became HA-LYG. The aircraft is leased from MCAP Vancouver (Mitsubishi Corporation Aviation Partners). Phoenix also produced a Hungarian registered version of this model HA-LWR, the two versions are tick boxed on the same outer container, the back and front facings having the image of the respective aircraft.

I wanted this one specifically because it was Ukrainian registered (in my historically biased over-educated world Putin=Hitler in terms of international relations, and I have a soft spot for Ukraine’s determination to resist), but was never prepared to pay the hideous £28 ($45US) for it. Circumstances contrived that I was able to get it for 33% less than that as a second choice.  Kudos to Ben at http://www.aviationmodelstore.co.uk for making it possible.


Three aerials up top, and one below, and they look flimsy, with visible large holes around them. On close inspection they aren’t very pretty with paint missing though thats hard to tell with the naked eye.

The silver around the flight deck windows is a little ragged but again, thats more noticeable if you look close up. There are a couple of visible odd marks on the pink paint. The main paint scheme of purple and pink is well applied and neat, colours appear to be spot on.There is a hole sufficient for the Gemini thin arm stand. General detail is very good but the silver paint used is too thick, the particles just a bit too large. This has since be remedied on Phoenix models and what we effectively have here is another stage in their continuously improving processes, more recently demonstrated in models like the American A321 produced for Gemini.

IMGP5689 - Version 2


 Wings and Underbody

Push in wings give a much better finish and this is no exception, the level of paint and  detail is very good and I have no moans about this model from above. Underbody detail is minimal. However this is minor. Landing gear is well made but spoilt at the nose end by being seriously over glued to prevent the wheels falling off their axel. The other wheels seem fine.

Engines and pylons

The moulds on these 2 IAE V2527-A5’s are very good. The paint however is not. Pylon paint is mediocre, the silver paint on the nacelles is pretty poor all round and quite noticeable. It’s both too thick where it is and too thinly applied where it isn’t – a bizarre contrast that happens when the metallic particles are too large, something I used to find years ago when painting 1:3000 scale warships. The intake paint is poor and quite visible. Yet there is worse, the rear of the engines is just plain bad, a joke in fact and very disappointing. It’s a good job I know Phoenix have moved on and got better in the past year!

IMGP5690 - Version 2
You don’t need me to point out what’s wrong here!

IMGP5692 - Version 2

Nose and tail detail

The nose is OK, minimal detail, the window paint I’ve mentioned above. The tail however is less than satisfactory. The port stabiliser looks as though it was never able to fit properly and has a quite noticeable and ugly gap between it and the body.

The starboard stabiliser just doesn't fit and there's no moving it.
The starboard stabiliser just doesn’t fit and there’s no moving it.

And out of 10….

Scoring is based on what you can see with the naked eye, not with the zoom of the camera. The deductions total 3 points so its a very sad 7/10 = Poor – below par, major improvements needed. It’s good to know that these have indeed happened. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. At least some manufacturers have learnt from their mistakes.

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