Alitalia ERJ-145LR I-EXMB JC Wings 1:400 2009 Release

It wouldn’t be fair to review this very neat little model acquired from E-Bay for just £12, it’s already 5 years old or more. I’ve been after one for a while. Alitalia small aircraft suitable for RLSI are few and far between and I love the look of the ERJ-145’s. There’s something of the executive jet about them and it’s nice to have another one in the collection (the other being a very rare Tucano made Swiss version).  It’s nicely detailed for its small size, and I have no complaints about it, just enjoy it for what it is and the bargain it most certainly was!

Delivered in 2000 to Alitalia for the Express fleet and named “Salvatore Quasimodo” (I know, Quasimodo???) She was sold off and registered in 2010 to the Enhanced Aero Group as F-WXKM then sold again to Dniproavia as UR-DPA.

IMGP5557 - Version 2


IMGP5555 - Version 3


IMGP5559 - Version 2


IMGP5562 - Version 2



IMGP5561 - Version 2


IMGP5566 - Version 2