Herpa 1:500 Floodlights 520171 airport accessories (used on a 1:400 scale diorama)

If you’ve ever looked for 1:400 airport accessories you’ll know how rare they are. Herpa make tiny handfuls of very expensive airports accessories  items from time to time that, well frankly, simply defy belief in terms of what they actually cost to make. The Herpa 1:400 airport bus set of 4 cost a whopping £17.50 ($27 USD) – and they have not lasted well, with some of the white paint actually chipping off – and don’t look closely at the detail. On the other hand the hangar, if you can find one only cost me £22.50 ($36 USD) and is a really clever design, fully modular and useable from 4 to 6 sections. They still make a 1:500 version and frankly, if you didn’t try and get an A380 inside, it would probably suffice.

They key thing is that 1:500 is only 20% smaller than that 1:400 and when it comes to buildings and structures – but not vehicles, this really makes no difference as I have proved for the third time here.

This pack cost £10 ($15.88 USD) from http://www.aircraftmodelstore.co.uk and while they work out at £1 each they are actually so neatly made and look so good on the diorama, I really have no problems with them.

The main issue is taking them out of the packet they come in, just take your time. They actually stand up by themselves but a tiny blob of glue is enough to seal them in place and make them easily removable with a sharp knife.

What to score them? They are pretty good, one of Herpa’s better and more value for money items. They work well, I’d recommend them at 9/10.

One of the pack of ten floodlights made by Herpa
One of the pack of ten floodlights made by Herpa
Herpa's floodlights in use
Herpa’s floodlights in use