EVA Air 777-35E(ER) B-16718 Phoenix 10966 August 2014 release

EVA Air 777-35E(ER) B16718
EVA Air 777-35E(ER) B16718

This model is of the latest variant of 777-300 taken by EVA Air based in Taipei, Taiwan. It’s the latest 2014 variant with two satcoms pods on the roof, along with a host of aerials. Often used on the SFO or LAX routes as well as London and Frankfurt. The model was released in late August and has been round the rest of the world for some time. Airspotters.com, who have only recently gone back to Phoenix, seem to have gotten them much later than elsewhere but it finally arrived while we were on holiday in France.  Phoenix models are quite pricey (this was £34), but they are in most cases above average and have gotten much better of late, that amazing 787-9 in ANZ livery being the pillar of success, it was an awe-inspiring model. Therefore I have high hopes for this one…

The box is lurid shades of green and about as non-corporate as you’ll ever likely to see. Allegedly only 500 models were made.

1) Fuselage

The mould and the detail on the fuselage are excellent. This aircraft signalled a change in EVA’s livery – they’ve abandoned the Chinese characters on the body and just gone for the simple EVA AIR in English. The satcoms pods are excellent full 3D detail, the aerials all seem well fitted and painted, coach lines and detail are all smear free and well finished, in fact the paint is outstandingly good. Window detail and paint quality are excellent on the body and flight deck.

IMGP5153 - Version 2

2) Engines

The General Electric GEnx-1B64 engines are excellent. Not the amazing see through Witty types, but almost as good, high levels of attention to detail and all looking first class, with well painted and detailed nacelles, dark fans and correctly shaped pylons.

IMGP5163 - Version 2

3) Landing Gear 

Painted metal with detailed struts and hydraulics, fully rolling wheels and the bogies tilt for added reality! Beautiful tyres and wheels, everything is to scale and quite superb. No messy glue or stupid plastic garbage here. However the starboard set looks like it doesn’t quite fit to the wing and the metal flat that sticks to it is slightly bent – it doesn’t show up unless you tip it up and look, but its a sad flaw in otherwise excellent modelling.

4) Tail fin and stabilisers

They look so good and are so perfectly straight, flawlessly mounted, just as you would hope for, outstanding. Logos and paint detail are all highly accurate and crisp.

IMGP5164 - Version 2

5) Wings and underbody.

Phoenix pioneered the push-in wings and they work so well, better detail, quite above average and I’m pleased to see it.

IMGP5162 - Version 2

6) Colours 

Perfect. The Greens and the bright white are brilliant as are the red lines that make this livery so smart.

7) Overall score – we start at 10.

And take away a single point for the way that wheel assembly fits the body. It may not be visible easily but when you do see it, it really isn’t clever. That is all there is to detract from this otherwise outstanding model of the standard livery EVA Air 777-300 – overall 9/10 is very very good, but it came close to a 10. That’s how good Phoenix can be these days, lets hope it stays that way.

IMGP5160 - Version 2

IMGP5166 - Version 3