American Airlines A321-231 N102NN Gemini 1:400 GJAAL1380 September 2014

GeminiJets GJAAL1380 is a model of American Airlines latest generation Airbus A321 that is to be configured into the “Intercontinental” service and whose main function is the New York-LAX-SFO rotations which are up to 6 hour flights and require a more refined level of cabin than is usually offered. It will compete directly with JetBlue’s Mint service and Virgin America’s much lauded cabin offering.

The box is the standard Gemini fare though it does claim Concorde like speeds for the A321 of around 828mph! A typo but really Gemini, you should try harder! The model is unquestionably another Phoenix A321 mould with a staggering 5 aerials!


The print and paint are of a high quality right across the board, it’s a refreshing change for a Gemini model, but as we know it’s really made by Phoenix, we benefit from their much higher standards. Print and graphics are good with no blurring or marks that are out of place. Even the silver paint is of a grade that the silver particles are small enough not to look stupid and the whole thing works well. The aerials of which there are three on the rear roof, one at the fore and one below are neatly inserted but the white paint isn’t ideal even without looking too closely, it looks a little blobby, but its not the end of the world bad, more an observation.

IMGP5137 - Version 2

2)Wings and Underbody

Push in wings give a much better finish and this is no exception, the level of paint and  detail is very good and I have no moans about this model from above, I’m just not convinced by the logo underneath which looks shoddy and the diminishing detail. However this is minor. Landing gear is well made and exactly the same as the gear on the Phoenix Finnair A321.One wheel has some silver paint on part of it which is annoying but again, very minor. The hole for the stand is insufficiently deep and it sits on the stand with difficulty.

IMGP5139 - Version 2

3)Engines and pylons

Neat paint, well made, no gruesome mistakes. Simple and effective, they work and they work really well. a great effort from the manufacturer. Pylons and nacelles are excellent.

IMGP5141 - Version 2

4)Nose and tail detail

Really rather neat. the massive tail logo of the US flag is a difficult thing to reproduce and they have pulled it off well. No complaints. The nose treatment is also good and commensurate with other models in the AA range – the 773 and 738 I have – and its the best of the three of them.

IMGP5145 - Version 2

And out of 10….

-1.25 for the silly little things, the bad facts on the box, the tiny sliver of paint on the wheel, the failure to mould the stand hole properly. Other than that its a really good model, Phoenix have done Gemini proud again. 8.75/10