Austrian Airlines 737-8Z9 OE-LNT Witty Wings 1:400 WT438016 2014 Release: The last of a great line from Witty


This is the last new, from the factory, Witty Wings model I shall ever get. I am incredibly sad about it as you probably well know by now. It’s a sad day when the best we can expect has now fallen to Phoenix to produce – of late they’ve been greatly improved but they still make mistakes. Gemini Jets are now just a second tier player in the quality game as profits are more important than values or quality to them. So can Witty deliver the final ‘coup de grace’ and go out with style?

Delivered originally to Lauda Air as OE-LNT and named Kurt Cobain,  she was transferred to Austrian when it took Lauda over, becoming the Gerlitzen on the same registration. She was painted in both Austrian standard colours then in Star Alliance colours in 2010. In July 2013 she was transferred to El Al Israel Airlines as 4X-EKU where she remains in service.

There is no identified production run although it says limited edition on the box we all know that’s meaningless. This one came from – in Canada and at £18.00 new and no importation hassle, worth every penny.


1)Main Fuselage

Simple livery but exceptionally well executed. Crisp print, excellent detail, very neat graphics. Another high quality example of Witty were capable of.

2) Engines 

These are the CFM56-7B22 engines with the flatter base to accommodate the 737’s low body. They are completely standard and no problems can be detected. The engine assembly is tight, neat, detailed and problem free.

3) Landing Gear

Neat silver metal, rubber tyres that roll on all wheels, angled correctly.


4) Tail fin and stabilisers

The whole assembly is very good, no complaints, quality all round. the Star Alliance logo is well produced.

5) Wings and underbody

There is detail and the paint seems commensurate with it, though there is almost too much paint on the underwings, but it’s hardly an issue.  There is also the well printed winglet detail which have the Austrian logo/flag printed on the inner surface.

6) Colours 

The base colour is white so no issues. The comparison to the real thing is flawless, sky blue engines, red tips, black and white star tail.


7) Overall score – we start at 10.

The box is very plain in sky blue with the model label a stick on, but it’s not bad, at least you can see the model and it comes with the usual light weight black plastic stand. The model itself, I cannot fault it, value for money is outstanding, detail and quality everything I’ve come to expect from Witty and hope to enjoy for a long time. It’s the last new model, and that’s a real shame, let us pray other manufacturers see what Witty achieved as something to aim for and emulate not run from.

10/10 Goodbye Witty Wings, thank you for the amazing models. YOU WILL BE MISSED!!