JetBlue A321 GJJBU1400 sells out, cancellations world wide for outstanding orders

GeminiJets A321 GJJB1400 has sold out globally and cancellations are expected to be faced by many collectors around the world. I found out when I was told mine has been cancelled! Luckily I have other resources and I’ve been able to get one guaranteed from It may take longer to get here but it was also cheaper than getting it from the UK!!  If you have one consider yourselves fortunate, UK supply is very limited and globally supply is pretty much gone. Having said that I’ve been sent some HQ up close photos and it’s another round of low level Gemini quality. Blurred graphics, glue blobs, low quality assembly, tail paint is atrocious in the example I’ve seen and the silver door handles are another blobby mess.  Yet every time they sell out what leverage does anyone have to get Gemini to sort this out? They just don’t care and show no signs of doing so while happily running to the bank with our money. It will be another week to ten days before I get one in the flesh and I promise it will get the full quality analysis!

GLOBAL SELL OUT, demand outstrips supply almost 2 to 1
GLOBAL SELL OUT, demand outstrips supply almost 2 to 1 despite obvious quality issues on many examples.