Herpa 1:400 Scenix Series Airside Bus Set of 4


This is an older review but I thought it was worth bringing on to my blog – they are still available and if you have a diorama, you’ll be glad you had them, even though the cost and the close up quality makes them far from being value for money.

These were originally announced back in June 2013 and I ordered a set on the spot expecting them to be delivered around October-November as a September release was quoted and Herpa are never on time with anything in my experience.

They were eventually in production in November and began distribution according to Herpa in december but they only arrived at Airspotters on the 31st January 2014.

I was expecting them to be light silver, I don’t know why, the photos just look like they might be. The tiny little box arrived barely 5x5x2cm with the four little buses inside.

What can I say, they are what they are, white bodies with a clear plastic interior for the windows and some black print to provide detail. These were £17.50 and they look like they cost all of 50p each.

Now the photos give you an idea of the print quality, but bear in mind these are blown up to 10 times their actual size and even with glasses for the most part, I can’t see the hideous print over-runs – and thats what matters, you cannot see the problems with the naked eye, although the front and rear detail is visible with overprint and blur quite clear.



Now the Gemini coach which comes with the Gemini set of 1955 vintage plastic airport kit that they still sell, looks quite old fashioned, almost American School Bus, the wonderful coach that came as part of a Dragon Wings set is the best, for a splash of colour and general quality.

You must make up your own mind about them, but really, they just are not worth that much money – always a risk I accepted – at half the price, maybe, but if you want top notch coaches – admittedly not airside types – the Orn Castings metal ones are worth every penny and are a third of the price, plus you can paint them to suit yourself.

1788364 1788365 1788366


If I had to rate these as models, and models alone, bearing in mind the scale, 8.5/10 as the rear print isn’t so good to the naked eye.

Value for money? 4/10

If I had seen them in person before buying would I have? NO.

Worth the 8 month wait? Not if they were something you wanted desperately no! Otherwise, well its entirely up to you!

Do they improve the overall diorama and fit in? YES