SAS Scandinavian Airlines ATR-72-600 OY-JZA JC Wings XX4010 July 2014 release

This model arrived from Hong Kong funded from my Nectar points through Ebay so it cost me no real money except the postage which was minimal. It’s valued from HK at £17.50  My favourite turboprop airliner is without doubt the ATR-72 which is an infinitely more sensible design and build than Bombardier’s Dash-8, an aircraft I’ve used extensively and have come to loathe.  This model is the new 600 version with the six bladed hi-tech propellers and went into service with Jetime who operate it for SAS on 17 October 2013. As it happens SAS the other day (see earlier article) announced the instant withdrawal of all of their Dash-8’s from service following a number of damaging suspension and other failures.

It’s my third ATR, I have a Fedex ATR-42 and a former BA ATR-72 and both are neat examples though Gemini’s. This JC Wings one found itself into my collection because I love the livery and they are hard to find SAS, very few and far between. She joins a Witty 737-700 in SAS livery at RLSI.

IMGP4801 - Version 2

1)Main Fuselage

The main fuselage seems to be exactly right, all the shapes, graphics and colours are an excellent match for the real thing. In fact it never seems to amaze me how well some of these very tiny models can be when some of the larger ones can be so horribly botched. I loved it as soon as I took it out of its tiny little box. Even the roof mounted aerials are the correct shape and position, its an exquisite little thing and no mistake.

IMGP4802 - Version 2

The nose is a little iffy paint wise on close inspection but we are talking seriously minor here, you’d have no idea from the 12″ eyeball test. The only complaint is that all the red paint you can see as that outline, well it just isn’t that bold on the real thing and it’s at best a fine line. The point is however the detail is there and I’m not complaining about it. At this size and scale anything is an achievement.

IMGP4803 - Version 2

2) Engines

Two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW127M’s power these big 6 bladed propellers, which even have the yellow paint on the tips, though up close that doesn’t look too well done, from an eyesight at 12″ away prospective its perfectly acceptable. They have even tried to get the engine markings in accurately which at that scale is no mean achievement and they are very good.

IMGP4793 - Version 2

3) Landing Gear

Rubber tyres that roll on all wheels, angled correctly, lightweight plastic bogies and arms painted. I have to say that these look the part, everything seems to work and look right. The tyres are well moulded too which makes a big difference at this size.

IMGP4804 - Version 2

4) Tail fin and stabilisers

The whole assembly is very good, no complaints.

5) Wings and underbody

Not vast amounts of detail but they aren’t really needed and what is there is more than adequate, without excessive paint.

6) Colours

The colours are a good match but the blue is a tad out, maybe one pantone reference number off where it should be. It doesn’t quite match the Witty but you really have to look and stare hard to see the discrepancies. As with everything on this model, I’m nit picking because there is little to complain about.

 7) Overall score – we start at 10.

It’s a really nice model, I’d take off  0.25 of a point for the nose paint blur, but that’s all. It is a very neat model and deserves praise. I really like it. 9.75/10 is a great achievement on such a tiny model. Well done JC Wings.


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