Air Canada 787-8 C-GHPQ Apollo 1:400 June 2014 A13114

Air Canada 787-8 C-GHPQ Apollo 1:400 June 2014 A13114

On Approach to RLSI
On Approach to RLSI

The aircraft is a model of a 787-8 which at the time of writing has just gone into service with Air Canada. Painted in the companies Ice Blue livery (which I know some Canadians don’t like but let me assure you, I think it’s wonderful and highly representative of the airline and the country, but I digress…).

I was genuinely excited taking this out of the box, it’s one of the last of the great Witty-Apollo models I’ll be able to get new, there’s just two more in the pipeline now and that’s it, no more. The box is very basic, the Air Canada labels are stuck on to it and there’s just a white line drawing of the 787 on the side – however it says it’s a 787-800!

Air Canada hasn’t featured much at RLSI. I did have an AV400 A319 but the colour was really bad and it annoyed me so I sold it. There’s also a model of A340-500 C-GKOM in the same livery by Gemini although apparently that was never painted in the Ice Blue in reality before being sold off to TAM where she remains active.

The 787 was supplied by in Canada and it amuses me a little to think this aircraft actually came from Toronto and was shipped out of its base airport! I can’t help it I love little factoids like that!


1) Main Fuselage

The Ice Blue is very striking with the white wings and the red graphics, it’s a superb mould, devoid of the spikes and aerials. I never mind that as they are a nightmare if the fall out and both Gemini and Phoenix versions have suffered from this in recent versions. The detail on the fuselage is excellent, the paint is superb, the detail markings are excellent and the Graphics flawless. Just spot on. When you think that this was the equivalent of £26 – £2 less than the Gemini 753 – it just goes to show the outstanding quality difference is so staggeringly, glaringly obvious.

IMGP4673 IMGP4676


2) Engines

The General Electric GEnx-1B64 detail is outstanding, the see-through HBE fans are superb, a beautiful piece of detail, exceptionally good and the paint is perfect. The exhaust cone detail is of special note and the anti-noise serration spot on. The colours and paint are wonderful, they are perfectly mounted on correctly shaped pylons.


3) Landing Gear

Painted metal with detailed struts and hydraulics, fully rolling wheels but the bogies sadly don’t tilt. Beautiful tyres and wheels, everything is to scale and quite superb. No messy glue or stupid plastic garbage here.

4) Tail fin and stabilisers

They look so good and are so perfectly straight, flawlessly mounted, just as you would hope for, outstanding. The Maple Leaf graphic and its surroundings look exceptional, everything is just as it should be.


5) Wings and underbody.

Witty/Apollo used the push in wings which are painted white top and bottom, spot on and problem free. There is very little underbody detail however, just a Gemini fitting stand hole and an Apollo logo.

6) Colours 

The ice blue is a better match than the Gemini colour for the real thing. I’ve pawed over dozens of images, the most natural light conditions are against a dark sky, that always makes the correct shade stand out, where bright sun bleaches the real tones. Colours haven’t always been Apollo’s strong point (see the review of G-VWOW) so it’s pleasing to see they’ve done an excellent job with this.


7) Overall score – we start at 10.

And we stay there. The model is outstanding. I’m not surprised and it’s a reason I’ve ordered my last Witty/Apollo as a Qatar 787, due in early September, again sourced from

I don’t care how many times I say it, but the Apollo/Witty moulds are some of the finest ever made. The engines are a tour de force, the artwork and paint superb, quite utterly brilliant. The Phoenix ANZ 789 may have the aerials but this has the engines. They are different, equally as good. Put simply, Gemini Jets are third-rate dross in comparison.  Witty/Apollo you will be sorely missed. As the years go by we will start to realise I suspect, quite how much.


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  1. Thank you for your excellent review, Jon. I was looking at the Gemini version, but you convinced me to get this one instead. Great photos, as well.

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