The End of Witty & Apollo

By now you will be hearing of the sad demise of Witty Wings and its sister brand, Apollo. By all accounts the JCWings firm have purchased the moulds and any releases due August or onwards are unlikely to materialise.

This is a tough market with big long-established competitors, and as with VHS winning out over Betamax and BluRay winning out over HDD it, as so often doesn’t mean the best makes it to the top. Sometimes its about cash and volume and existing markets. Breaking in to a new space and getting noticed amongst all the noise in the world is no easy achievement.

Whatever happens take my advice and buy any and all Witty/Apollo models you can find and or afford and treasure them. They have produced some outstanding models and they will be greatly missed. Lets only hope JC Wings (whose offerings have been greatly improved of late), if the rumours are true, are able to lift themselves to such quality highs. The world of 1:400 cannot be left to just Phoenix and Gemini.