British Airways Saab 340B G-LGNB Gemini Jets 1:400 2013 Release GJLOG1116

Originally as I never purchased this new but from a fellow collector, I wasn’t going to review it but it’s such a small and frankly excellent little model it’s grown on me. I have a reputation for hammering Gemini for poor quality relative to the price they charge and it was an opportunity to point out that they can get it right, even though there are a couple of caveats to this I’ll explain later.

This a 23 year old aircraft that was operated by Loganiar on behalf of British Airways and is still in service on the same registration flying for Flybe.

The first thing is you have to understand how very very small this is even for 1:400. It makes even the Fedex ATR-42 look big and this is what makes it all the more remarkable.

The 1:400 vehicle is from Orn Castings in Austrlai and shows how tiny the Saab is
The 1:400 vehicle is from Orn Castings in Australia and shows how tiny the Saab 340B is

1) Main Fuselage

Exceptionally well detailed. In fact extraordinarily high quality. When you see this done at this level you have to ask what planet the the rest of Gemini’s model makers are on when they foul up some of their larger aircraft. How can they get this so right and others – that should be easier, so wrong in terms of paint and overall quality?

There is an anomaly however. Some of the models were produced with DiscountAir and LoganAir tiles on the fuselage. The one on Gemini’s own website shows this but this and other examples completely lack them, which is a major QC failing.

You can clearly see the missing logos
You can clearly see the missing Discount Air logo on Gemini’s production release photo

2) Engines

The engines and propellers are excellent, indeed they are one of the models highlights and add greatly to its success.

3) Landing Gear

Painted metal with struts looks spot on, and being so small, again really good quality.

4) Tail fin and stabilisers

The Saab 340 as very highly angles stabilisers but the whole assembly is quality. First rate.

5) Wings and underbody.

There is adequate detail for something so small, though why Gemini tried very badly to put their logo on the bottom I don’t know, its a mess. There is a hole and it does fit the thin arm Gemini metal stand.

6) Colours

All spot on. No problems.

7) Overall score – we start at 10.

And we should have remained on ten with a plus mark for making this mode so well, but the fact remains that this model has important decals missing completely. Absolutely typical Gemini Jets! Make something amazing and spoil it with rubbish quality control. Normally I would take off a point each for these being missing, but I will only deduct one, because a) I don’t like them, and b) It is otherwise such an amazingly good little model, it needs to be recognised as such.
So 9/10.

Would I have bought it if I had seen it first? YES

Would I have bought it knowing the decals were missing? YES.


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